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10 Household Items You May Be Cleaning Too Often

10 Household Items You May Be Cleaning Too Often

Everywhere we look, there seems to be some voice of authority telling us we need to clean more often. It gets exhausting! Well, sit back and take a break. Here’s a list of 10 things you may be cleaning too often.


Wash your sheets weekly? Yes. Comforter? No. Since your comforter doesn’t come in contact with your skin, it can go weeks between washings. However, if you share your bed with a pet that sleeps on your comforter, you may need to wash it more often.


Deep cleaning your oven only needs to be done three or four times per year — not weekly or even monthly. Because your food doesn’t directly touch oven surfaces, a sanitary oven isn’t necessary. The heat of the oven keeps germs from colonizing.


Vacuum weekly, but only steam clean your carpet once a year. Less is more when it comes to cleaning carpeting because the process wears down fibers in the carpet and actually damages it, making it accumulate dirt faster. For stains that happen during day-to-day life, spot-cleaning is the best way to go.


Using too much glass cleaner on your mirror can damage it over time, showing up as black spots with no reflective properties. It might be better to clean your mirrors no more than once a week, using minimal glass cleaner, and live with a few smudges.


For those of you who rinse your dishes off before putting them in the dishwasher, stop it! Simply scrape them, load them, and let the dishwasher do its thing. In fact, most dishwashers today have sensors so that they know how long to run the wash cycle based on how dirty the load is. By rinsing some dishes and leaving others, you can confuse the sensors and make them run a shorter cycle, leaving you with food stuck on your dishes.


Unless you’ve made a colossal mess, there is no reason to do a big scrub every time you use your stove. Just wipe it down after each use and save the deep clean as a once-a-month job. Similar to the oven, your food doesn’t come into direct contact with the stovetop, and the stove gets hot enough to kill any lurking germs. So ease up and enjoy the extra time on your hands!

Wood Furniture

Did you know too much polishing can actually make your furniture accumulate dust faster? It’s true — the polish builds up on the surface and becomes a magnet for dust. In addition, too much polish dulls the finish on furniture, make it look old before its time. All furniture needs to stay shiny is a thin coat of polish a couple of times per year.

Light Fixtures

Another task to cross off your weekly to-do list? Cleaning light fixtures. This job can be cut down to dusting them once a month. Then, about once a year, take the fixture down and give it a deep cleaning with soap and water. Since light fixtures aren’t touched, and they generally aren’t the first thing people notice when they walk into a room, a little dust won’t hurt.


Relegate cleaning the pantry to a seasonal chore. Since all the edibles are sealed up and don’t directly touch the pantry surfaces, a spotless and sterile environment isn’t required. Just keep it tidy and move on.

Kitchen Towels

Whether drying dishes, cleaning counters or wiping wet hands, kitchen towels are little workhorses. Made to dry out quickly so that bacteria doesn’t grow on them easily, kitchen towels only need to be washed about once every two weeks. Simply hang them up after each use so they dry quickly and stay fresh longer.

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