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10 Ultra-Trendy Houseplants to Try In Your Home

10 Ultra-Trendy Houseplants to Try In Your Home

You’ve seen these houseplants everywhere, but will they survive in your home? Here’s a handy guide for you to find out which popular plants are best suited for your space.


You may have seen this beautiful plant’s leaves on art prints, stationary, upholstery fabrics, and everything in between. It has a unique tropical vibe, which makes sense since the Monstera plant is a native of the Central American rainforest. It thrives in a warm climate, and needs plenty of water and lots of sunlight. Keep in mind that you’ll need plenty of space (this plant can get up to 30 feet tall), and it requires frequent pruning and a lot of direct light.

Snake Plant

A fun accent for any room, the snake plant is very easy to care for. A hardy little thing, it is tolerant to many light environments but prefers indirect light. Since the snake plant is susceptible to burning, watch it carefully in rooms with a lot of sun. Also, be sure not to overhydrate — it doesn’t need much water.


Whether included in tiny pots, terrarium arrangements or other fun decor, succulents are all the rage. They are perfect for small spaces — simply perch them on window sills where they can lap up all that direct sunlight. Other than that, they really don’t require much care at all, so they make great plants for busy people without a lot of plant care knowledge or time to invest in upkeep.


More commonly known as the peacock plant, due to its gorgeous feather-like leaves, calatheas prefer shade and a humid climate. They thrive on frequent watering, but do not like being heavily watered, so water them lightly and often. A stunning plant visually, it is perfect for spaces low on direct sunlight, and for those who have the time to dust its leaves and take care of its watering needs.

Areca Palm

If you like the Monstera plant but your home doesn’t have access to much direct sunlight, then the Areca Palm might be a great alternative for you. Arecas require well-drained soil and indirect light. They can thrive in an area with less sun if you are careful not to overwater them.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

A fan of bright light, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is a great plant choice for those whose homes are filled with natural light from large windows and open spaces. These plants need very little water, requiring only a few sprinkles once their soil is totally dry. However, since the Fiddle Leaf Fig thrives in hot and humid climates, it cannot tolerate the cold well. Be very careful with it when dealing with cooler temperatures. For instance, keep the plant well away from windows and doors that may let in cold blasts of winter air.

Ficus Elastica

This plant requires a considerable amount of sun and is prone to dryness, so will need frequent watering. That being said, its gorgeous deep green leaves look amazing in any space. While it prefers direct morning sun, keep in mind that afternoon sun may prove a bit too harsh for it.


While cacti prefer similar conditions to succulents — direct sun, not much water — they are actually capable of handling more direct light than succulents. Considered a desert plant, cacti grow much larger than other succulents, and some even produce fruit or flowers. Choose a cactus over tiny succulents when you are looking to fill a larger space in your home.


If you have a home with loads of sun and are looking to be an active and involved plant owner, then a Pilea plant is for you. They require quite a bit of care, including watering, repotting, rotating, trimming and other maintenance. As a lover of the sun, Pilea plants will actually bend their leaves toward a light source, which is why they require constant rotation. They need to be repotted often because they’re a fast-growing plant.

Go Faux

For those of us who didn’t inherit a green thumb, or who inhabit a space unsuitable for live plants, there’s no shame in going faux. In fact, sometimes they look even better than real plants. High-quality fakes often look identical to their living counterparts, so you won’t feel the need to offer visitors any kind of explanation.

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