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10 Ways to Display Your House Numbers in Style

10 Ways to Display Your House Numbers in Style

Step up your house number game with these fresh display ideas. Your mailman will thank you, your guests will find you, and your neighbors will envy you.

Wall Planter

Mount a wall-planter on the front of your home and let it work double time by displaying succulents and a set of house numbers. A copper-colored metal wall-planter is a perfect backdrop for sleek modern-style numbers. If you have an entrance gate on your property, this idea is a must-do!


Turn your house numbers into a colorful, organic curb appeal by covering them in sheet moss. Start with pressure-treated plywood numbers and then apply the sheet moss with a strong weather-resistant adhesive. Your neighbors will think they were sculpted especially for your home!

Light Them Up

Fun and stylish, make a bold statement with neon light-up address numbers. Not only will you be the brightest house on the block, you’ll never have to sweat about guests finding their way to your front door.

Gorgeous & Functional

Go ‘next level’ with your house numbers by taking a set of simple, modern-looking planters in varying sizes and applying one number to the outside of each. Stagger them for maximum aesthetic appeal and place them in a spot they will be seen. Voila!

Wine Not

Gather a variety of wine bottles that have been melted so that they are flat. You can choose different styles and colors if you wish. Adorn them with numbers that match the aesthetic of your home.

Rock On

Place a large, statement-making rock at the end of your driveway and affix sleek, minimalist house numbers for a modern mountain flair.

Tree Trunk

If your home is hidden from the road by large trees, consider helping your mailman out by mounting weather-proof house numbers on the trunk of a tree close to the road.

Etched Elegance

Did you know your house numbers can be incorporated into your front door? For an upscale, elegant look consider customizing your front entry door with a frosted glass panel. The numbers can be etched into the design for an impression that is sure to last.

The Bigger, The Better

Don’t be shy! Make a big, bold statement with oversized house numbers. When paired with a monochromatic home, they appear chic and bring a large dose of charm.


Create a more traditional and timeless look by fastening metallic numbers to your front door that match the rest of the door hardware. Nothing has a more polished appearance than gleaming brass numbers and a shiny brass door knob.

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