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10 Ways to Keep a Neat & Tidy Garden

10 Ways to Keep a Neat & Tidy Garden

Nothing is more impressive than an orderly and well-kept garden. Here are 10 tips to help you keep your garden looking its polished best.

Crisp Border

When you pair low, neatly-trimmed shrubs with whitewashed bricks, it creates a crisp border perfect for containing taller, abundant blooms like hydrangeas. The best part is that the simplicity of the shrubs and bricks will not compete with the beauty of the flowers.

Timely Trimming

Make a regular date with your garden shears to ensure orderly and uniform looking evergreen shrubs. Formal English gardens especially require regular grooming in the form of carefully cut boxwoods, pointed trees and swirling bushes.

Pave the Way

Consider using a physical border, such as a brick paver barrier or railroad ties, to create visual tidiness and a distinct separation in your outdoor space.

Create Contrast and Order

Clean, uniform lines cut by sleek stone steps create a beautiful contrast with natural rock boulders and lush vegetation. Use these contrasting elements to create a neat appearance and sense of order for your garden space.

Oversized Stones

For a stunning stepping stone display in your yard, skip the small stone pavers and go for oversized options instead. Along with a more dramatic aesthetic, the larger-sized stones make weekly mowing and trimming between the path a snap.

Plant With Intention

When planning your flowerbed groupings, be purposeful. Plant like flowers together for a more polished appearance, with a specific distance between each plant. The uniformity will create a striking effect once the plants mature and grow.

Use Similar Textures

While it can be tempting to mix and match a bunch of unique plants from the nursery, it’s best to resist that urge. Too many different textures within your flowerbed will actually look messy. Instead, simplify your bed and achieve a crisp, clean landscape by grouping plants with similar textures, such as soft grasses or more hearty blooms.

Symmetry Never Fails

Give yourself an edge and stick to symmetry when it comes to your landscaping project. By doing this, you will bring an instant appearance of balance and harmony to your outdoor space. In addition, a symmetrical garden makes it easier to spot if something is out of place or needs trimmed!

Weed Them Out

Make weeds your number one enemy as your pursue a polished garden design. Set aside time each week to get in the dirt and pull those pesky buggers out of your garden beds.

Opt for Stones Over Mulch

Sidestep an unkempt garden by saying no to mulch. Instead, opt for a stone cover. Not only are stones sleeker in appearance than traditional mulch, they are more substantial and less likely to move around during a rainstorm or due to wind.

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