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11 Items to Display on Your Windowsills

11 Items to Display on Your Windowsills

Often overlooked, that little ledge beneath your window is a great way to get a bit more functionality out of a small space. Here are 11 things you can put on your windowsills for a stylish, but useful display.

1. Kitchen Accessories

Do you have a marble or butcher block cutting board that is too gorgeous to hide away in a cupboard? Display it on the windowsill. The same goes for any other nice-looking tools, accessories, or often-used items. A windowsill is like having an extra shelf, so put it to work for you.

2. Beauty Products

Since many beauty products are elaborately packaged, why not showcase them? Even if your windowsill is the tiniest ledge, it can be used for displaying creams, nail polishes and other small go-to items.

3. Device Central

The sill of a more private and secure window in your home could be the perfect place to house a Bluetooth speaker and any frequently used devices. Try repurposing an old letter organizer or napkin holder as a unique, low-tech charging station.

4. Zen Zone

Choose a window with a picturesque view to create a personal area of relaxation. Arrange your essential oils, crystals, diffusers and other healing items, and find your zen after a busy day.

5. Craft Corner

Use clear acrylic cups or plastic bowls to organize crafting supplies, crayons, markers and other art supplies. Line them up on your windowsill for a colorful display that helps remind the kids to get creative.

6. Meaningful Art

Try out the window ledge as a showcase for meaningful art and photography. Highlight a favorite artist, or layer several small pieces with other meaningful decor items. This is also a great way to block an unsightly view or create privacy.

7. Office Bonus

Consider moving your desk near a window for a boost of sunlight and a little extra storage space. Arrange office supplies into coordinating baskets, cups or an organizer for a neat, clean look.

8. Mini Collections

Small bobbles and bud vases create more of a visual impact when arranged in groups. The narrow ledge of a windowsill is the perfect size for this type of decor.

9. Kids Choice

Get the kids involved by having them choose a few of their favorite toys or keepsakes to display on the windowsill. Be sure to keep it to a few items and in a specific color scheme to avoid a cluttered look.

10. Sculptural Showcase

For those fortunate enough to have big, beautiful windows, consider propping a large-scale sculptural piece in a window. For safety, use suction cup hooks to secure the piece of art to the glass.

11. Family Star

Show off a little by displaying your family’s trophies and ribbons. For a more casual look, incorporate a couple decorative objects in the display that relate to their sport or activity.

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