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12 Ideas to Bring New Life to Your Home

12 Ideas to Bring New Life to Your Home

If your home is ready for a refresh, here are some creative tips to inject some new life. Try one or several — whatever you need to shake things up!

1. Mix Patterns

For a room that is full of personality and that homey “lived-in” look in all the right ways, try mixing patterns. To do so effectively, stick to these three suggestions. First, use only three to five patterns and each on different scales. For instance, if you’re using three patterns, pick one that is large scale, one medium scale and one small scale. Second, stick with a visual concept and theme when working with patterns so that they all collectively work together for a cohesive look. And lastly, be sure to add in some solids to break up all the patterned pieces. After all, every room needs negative space.

2. Find a Piece of Statement Art

While we can all agree that a great piece of art can bring a lot of life to a room, it can be quite a task finding the right one. If you’re on the hunt for impactful art, here are a couple tips to keep in mind:

  • Local artists are an incredible resource, so be sure to check out your area’s local art scene. Don’t be shy about asking for a commissioned piece of art.
  • When you can’t seem to find one large piece of art, grouping several small pieces together can be just as effective. So when searching, keep your eyes open for large and small pieces alike.

3. Wallpaper an Accent Wall

Wallpaper definitely has the ability to turn a ho-hum space into one that is bold and grabs attention. The best part? You don’t need to install a lot of wallpaper to guarantee the impact — you can just start with a small accent wall. But remember, if you’re going small, you should also be going bold. Do not go neutral unless the wallpaper has an incredible pattern that you just love.

4. Change Up Your Furniture

This can actually mean different things, depending on your needs and financial situation. If you can afford a new piece of furniture, by all means go out and find a classic piece that will shake up your home. However, if your budget won’t allow that kind of splurge, consider taking the time to rethink your current furniture arrangement. Mix things up, try your furniture in new places. You’ll not only freshen up the look of your home, you may just hit on an arrangement that works better than your old one!

5. Paint the Front Door

A bang-for-your-buck project that brings a ton of curb appeal in just a few hours, painting your front door is as close to instant gratification as you can get. Be sure to find a color that complements your exterior, but also brings you happiness. If that means a beautiful bold hue, then go for it.

6. Refresh Your Lighting

Don’t be afraid to swap out an old light fixture for something new and completely different. After all, a new fixture can brighten up a room and change the atmosphere of a space instantly. If a new fixture is beyond your financial budget, try out some new bulbs instead. Experiment with different bulb shapes and light outputs (warmer, cooler, brighter, moodier). Just changing the the lighting in a room can go a long way to changing how you feel about that room.

7. Incorporate Texture

For spaces that seem boring and one-dimensional, consider adding texture. It’s actually pretty easy and very effective. Simply add a few thoughtfully styled accessories, grouping them together in tonal colors so that they don’t become overwhelming. Layer different heights, shapes and textures in the same color family to keep things looking unified. And to achieve a more pulled-together look, keep things odd — groupings of three, five or seven.

8. Add to Your Houseplant Family

What’s not to love about houseplants? They enhance your home’s design, clean the air, and decrease your stress. Plus, taking care of them creates a real bond that leaves you feeling like a proud parent. For those of us who lack the required green thumb, try a low-maintenance option like the pothos plant or snake plant.

9. Choose a New Area Rug

As one of the most impactful design elements in the room, a plain-Jane area rug might be the problem in your tired space. So, take the plunge and find yourself a new showpiece. It just so happens that bold colored rugs are the rage right now, along with vintage-looking Oriental varieties. Just be aware of your current color palette and find a rug that not only blends well, but makes the statement you’re looking for.

10. Hang a Mirror

A large mirror will bring light and life to a large area. Because they are reflective, mirrors have the ability to grab attention, but not compete with other pieces in the room. They also allow the other elements in the room to be seen, such as windows and unusual architectural assets.

11. Update Your Bed Linens

If you’re looking to rejuvenate your bedroom, it might be as simple as switching out your bed linens. Just going from darker-toned bedding to something softer and lighter will brighten your room instantly. Remember, white is best for a crisp, fresh feel, while a muted neutral will give you a softer, more calming feel.

12. Accessorize in Bold Color

Many of us are naturally drawn to neutrals. While neutrals are calming and pretty, they don’t bring energy to a space the way bold color can. This doesn’t mean you have to paint your walls a vibrant neon orange! All you have to do is add in a few colorful accents to spice up your home. And then when you tire of the color, you can easily return to the more subdued neutrals you know and love.

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