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12 Savvy Bathroom Storage Ideas

12 Savvy Bathroom Storage Ideas

Whether you have a bathroom that is large or small, these clever ideas will help you stay organized and add much-needed storage space.

Make Use of Awkward Space

Although bypassing a vanity for a floating sink definitely gives a more modern look, it doesn’t bring much in the way of storage. One way to counter that is to hang a floating shelf below the sink. Not only will this provide adequate storage space, it’ll keep with the airy feel of the room.

Another option is to skip the shelf altogether and place stylish baskets on the floor underneath the floating sink for a more casual look.

Go Mobile

In bathrooms with little to no shelving or cabinets, consider using a bar cart to house your bathroom necessities. The beauty of a bar cart is that it is mobile — you can move it out of the way or closer to where you’re working as needed.

Ladder Towel Rack

An unexpected and fun way to hang towels is to lean a ladder against the wall. A basic wooden ladder section doesn’t take up much room, adds loads of interest, and will go with several different styles of decor, including rustic and boho.

If floor space is at a premium, you could also find a more storage-oriented ladder style that fits over the toilet.

Create a Niche

For those with dead wall space, consider carving out some of it to house floating shelves for a pretty display of towels and soaps. Also, attractive jars make great storage containers for cotton balls, toothpaste, and other toiletries.

Classic Clutter Solution

As much as we try to get around the traditional medicine cabinet, the truth is that you can’t really go wrong by having one. They are extremely useful, and with so many modern styles available you won’t be reminded of the clunky, outdated one you remember from Grandma’s house. If you’re still not convinced, consider a discreet built-in to fill the storage space void instead.

Hanging Baskets

You don’t necessarily need a shelf to make use of storage baskets or boxes you love. Simply hang them directly from the walls for a unique design element that also saves floor space. For a more charming and airy feel than traditional wood shelves, try wire baskets. Crates are another cool option — easy, budget-friendly, and very functional. They add a rustic feel and provide an open shelving solution for anything from bath salts and large shampoo bottles, to a pretty vase of flowers.

Second-Hand Finds

For a budget-friendly idea, try spending some time scouring garage sales, flea markets or salvage stores for a cabinet unit in good shape. Then, give it a new purpose as a storage solution above the toilet.

Concealed Bins

Locate some small, inexpensive containers to add convenient storage to the inside of any cabinet door. Using picture hanging strips to hang them makes them temporary and doesn’t harm the cabinet.

Small Space Superhero

Wall storage can prove to be a lifesaver when you’re short on space — especially multi-use options that can accommodate storage baskets and come with a spot to hang towels.

Sink Skirt

If your bathroom is a tiny one, without room for storage containers, consider using the space underneath the sink. Adding a skirt around the sink allows you to place several storage containers without making the area look cluttered.

Peg Rails

A more trendy option, vintage peg rails with staggered hanging spots offer a great bathroom solution for drying wet towels. For more storage in a small bathroom, or to display decorative items like candles and plants, consider hanging a wooden shelf above the rail.

Over-the-Door Organization

Another storage option that has proven very effective is over-the-door hanging pocket organizers. They create instant organization in a small bathroom where shelves and cabinets are at a premium.

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