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4 Ways to Style Your Unused Fireplace

4 Ways to Style Your Unused Fireplace

Just because your fireplace is no longer functioning doesn’t mean it can’t be made into the focal point it was intended to be! Here are four easy ways to dress up a sad, empty fireplace so that it gets the attention it deserves.

Book it Up

Functional fireplaces add a potent dose of cozy to any space, but those that are out of commission can do the exact opposite. Consider adding texture and depth to your forlorn fireplace by adding books of all different sizes and colors. Stack them randomly, upright, sideways — any which way you choose. Make a statement by organizing them by color.


Give your cold fireplace some life by filling it with foliage! Low-light plants like ivy, snake plants and pathos are great choices. Place larger plants in the back and stagger the rest by size, with the smallest ones in the front, spilling out of the fireplace opening. If you don’t have any tall plants, use a basket or wooden crate to add some height.

Keeping it Cozy

Bask in warmth without a fire by filling your fireplace to overflow with cozy charm. Place a few baskets or other decorative containers and fill them with comfy blankets and pillows. Choose coordinating colors and textures for a softer look, or make a statement by mixing it up. Either way, the results will add character and charm to your space.

Faux Fire

If you’re unsure on what you’d like to do with your fireplace, try a reversible fireplace cover to keep your options open. First, cut a piece of thin plywood using the dimensions of your fireplace opening. Then on one side, apply removable wallpaper in your choice of colors/patterns. On the other side, paint the surface with chalkboard paint. Once it dries, draw your own picturesque fire and enjoy the feeling of warmth it creates.

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