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5 Incredible Styling Ideas for Your Front Door

5 Incredible Styling Ideas for Your Front Door

Help your entry make a strong first impression with these five styling ideas guaranteed to kick your home’s welcome factor up a notch.

1. House Number Happiness

A fun way to add style to your front door or entryway, house numbers make a huge statement about your home. There is a wide range of colors and materials available to suit every home style, as well as a lot of creative ideas for displaying them. If you’re wanting something a bit different for your home, consider oversized numbers on the porch or beside the door. Or, for a more traditional look, try spelling out your house number on a porch column or overhang.

2. Bring the Inside Out

Before heading out to your local garden center and spending money to style your front entry, consider going through and “shopping your house” first. You might be surprised to find that you already have what you need. For instance, when styling a covered entryway, baskets are great to use as planters, a small stool can be repurposed as a plant stand, or pretty lanterns can be hung to great effect. Get creative!

3. Dress Up Your Door

Another thing to think about when styling your entryway is the door itself. Consider adding a slick door knocker or adorning it with a seasonal wreath. Another great idea is to try experimenting with a fun paint color. If your front door is plain and flat, you might want to look into adding some design detail to spice things up. For instance, try applying painted or stained decorative wood panels that are available on the market today.

4. Add a Seat

To encourage a warm, inviting feel around your front door, consider adding a place to sit and relax with friends. If you have the space, a bench with pillows or a more traditional front porch swing make great choices. If not, a pair of colorful garden stools are a fun, space-savvy addition.

5. Larger Lights

For an instant update that really packs a punch when it comes to curb appeal, think about upgrading your outdoor lighting. Larger sconces or an overhead pendant can take years off the look of your home in a flash — and make a warm, welcoming statement to neighbors and guests.

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