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5 Outdoor Trends You Should Be Embracing

5 Outdoor Trends You Should Be Embracing

By incorporating these popular outdoor decorating trends, you’ll never want to leave your patio! With a good chunk of summer still remaining, now’s the time to make your outdoor space an extension of your home.

Eco-Friendly Decor

In general, we’re always looking for ways to live more eco-friendly. The home is no exception, and in fact has become a top priority when it comes to sustainability. The sustainable living trend has been on an upward trend for several years now, according to Meredith Consumer Insights. So, take that trend outdoors! A living wall project not only will create a beautiful statement, it can also be used to house plants and herbs to clean the air and feed your family. Another way to incorporate eco-friendly decor is by using solar-powered lighting, which is now available in a variety of styles. It has been noted by zillow research that homes listing a solar panel feature sell for 40 percent more than the expected value.

Colorful Porches & Patios

Much like this year’s interior design trend, homeowners are not shying away from adding color to their outdoor decor. In particular, studies have shown a 50 percent rise in interest of blue and green shades. But with a wide range of outdoor-friendly, water-resistant textiles now available, it’s possible to choose from many different colors and textures for your outdoor sectional. Or if the space you’re working with is on the small side, a colorful outdoor rug might be all you need for a bright, fresh look.

Mixed Materials

There is no reason to limit yourself to one solitary material or pattern when decorating outdoors. Get creative! Try mixing textures, like rattan furniture with concrete accent pieces, to create a fun industrial and boho style combo. Or replace that metal light fixture with a more natural-looking woven pendant. If you’re a thrifter, as you collect treasures from thrift stores, garage sales or auctions, incorporate them in with your existing decor for a fun mix of old and new.

Go Minimalist

Simplicity is key for the increasing number of women who want their backyard to serve as a relaxing retreat. Much like the interior minimalist trend, homeowners are gravitating toward simple patio designs, and when done right it can feel much like an outdoor spa experience. Minimalists should keep their eyes open for natural wood furniture, textiles in solid colors (no patterns), and lots of greenery.

Outdoor Kitchens

A custom luxury outdoor kitchen? Why hasn’t this always been a thing? Convenient and spectacular, make outdoor dining an every night event this summer. And it’s an investment that potentially pays you back. Homes equipped with this feature sold for 24.5 percent above the expected price, according to Zillow research. There are many, many ways to customize an outdoor kitchen, too — built-in wet bars, pizza ovens, outdoor fireplaces. For a more budget-friendly option, consider starting small with a basic outdoor bar.

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