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5 Reasons Why Open Shelving is Worth It

5 Reasons Why Open Shelving is Worth It

Open shelving in the kitchen continues to gain in popularity, and for good reason. Here are five reasons why you won’t regret switching over.

1. Quick & Inexpensive Kitchen Makeover

Looking to transform your kitchen without breaking the bank? Open shelving is a great option. Not only is it less expensive than cupboards, you don’t need to hire a builder for installation. Plus, depending on your situation, it can be done in just a day or two.

2. Design Feature

Open shelves are a “two-fer” decorating element — they offer function and a design feature. Use them to wrap around a single kitchen window and create a focal point (ideal for your collections!) in a more function-oriented space, or do the opposite and inject function in a design-focused space.

3. Showcases Color

Let your color theme take center stage by extending it through your kitchen via open shelving — especially in a neutral kitchen. Adding splashes of color can have a big impact, whether in a small or large kitchen space. Arranging collectibles or dishes by color brings forth a unique layer of design typically closed off by a cupboard or pantry door.

4. Convenience Factor

Make cooking easy by having everything you need within arm’s reach — no having to deal with opening and closing cupboard doors or trying to remember which cupboard holds what pan. In addition, open shelving above your range allows you to find your go-to ingredients and tools at a glance and have them in hand immediately.

If your kitchen space is simply better suited to cupboards, consider having just a small section of open shelving for your everyday cooking essentials.

5. Perfect for Collectors, Vignettes & Shelfie Lovers

The creative possibilities when it comes to putting together eye-catching vignettes and displays are endless. Display much-loved collections, put together seasonal displays, coordinate by color or function or topic. Whatever you choose, the beauty of an open shelf is that it can be changed easily and often — whenever you decide your kitchen needs a shakeup.

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