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5 Steps to Organizing Anything

5 Steps to Organizing Anything

Spring is fast approaching and it’ll soon be time for a major clean out. While you’re purging those unwanted items, use the opportunity to give your home an organization makeover and cut the clutter permanently. Here are the five steps you need to literally organize anything:


There’s nothing worse than getting into an organization project and then having to stop in the middle, leaving the space a total wreck and you deflated. Be sure to plan the time to get through it, roughly two consecutive days per room. Schedule it like you would an important appointment to ensure it gets done!

If you simply cannot set aside two consecutive days, break the job down into smaller pieces – a closet, a single drawer or shelf, or whatever you are able to manage in the time you have available. But by all means, schedule the organizing into your day!


The key to this step is preparation. Have plenty of heavy-duty trash bags handy for things to be thrown out or donated. You can even color coordinate so that trash goes in black trash bags and donations go in white. Also plan to have sturdy boxes or bins on hand for those items that must be returned to where they really belong.

Start by emptying surface areas (table tops, nightstands, dressers, etc.), and then move on to emptying the interiors like inside drawers and closets.


While for many, knowing what to keep, throw away or donate can be the most difficult step. To make things easier, try to stay focused on this simple rule: If you don’t love it and don’t use it, then lose it. Also, remind yourself that less stuff means more space. The key to successful organizing is reducing the amount of things to organize!


Finding the most efficient containers to organize your remaining items can be tricky. Keep in mind that your goal is to minimize effort and maximize simplicity. The simpler your new set up is to use, the more likely you are to stay organized long term. A popular choice is open storage solutions where lidless bins are simple, easy to access and naturally promote efficiency. However, if your space requires a stackable container solution, consider lidded options.


Focus on making sure everything has a home. Try to store items close to where they will be used so that they are easy to find and put away. Accessibility and how often items are used are key things to think about for successful organization.

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