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6 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid for a Tidier-Looking Home

6 Decorating Mistakes to Avoid for a Tidier-Looking Home

We all want a home that is comfy and inviting, but going too far on decorating can lead to a messy looking space. Here are six mistakes to avoid to help you achieve a look that is clean and organized.

1. Too Much Open Storage

While it’s great for displaying collectibles and storing books and other items, open shelving works best when it isn’t overcrowded. That means you must make a point of not packing every little bit of available space with stuff, which is often easier said than done. For a cleaner look, start modifying your arrangement — editing down the items — until it’s possible to have open space between objects. In addition, avoid open storage for things like electronics, cables, movies, games and toys. Even with the best organization, these items will look messy. Instead, it’s best to keep them inside cupboards, or arranged in baskets or boxes.

2. Too Many Colors

Including too many colors in your decorating is a sure-fire way to make your home appear cluttered. If a relaxed, cohesive look is what you’re after, try to use only one or two colors mixed with neutrals. For example, using various tones of blue throughout a room in tandem with neutral furnishings and window coverings.

3. Excessive Accent Pillows

Don’t let your pillow game get out of hand. Too many on a bed or sofa can look untidy and haphazard. To rectify this, simply limit the number of accent pillows to two or three on each end of the sofa or in the middle of the bed. This is the perfect amount to bring gorgeous color and pattern to a room without going overboard.

4. Too Much Decor on Surfaces

Incorporating too many decorative items on a tabletop is another way to make a room look cluttered. Instead, pare down the accessories and use just one or two groupings to decorate the table. Limit your display to items you love and those that are functional, such as a dish for storing sunglasses and keys. If you have a bunch of little objects, consider corralling them in a bowl or jar. Use a short stack of books to elevate smaller objects for a more thoughtful look.

5. Randomly Hung Wall Art

When wall art is hung in a random fashion on a wall, it can look chaotic and overwhelming. Luckily, this has an easy fix. Simply arrange the pictures into a gallery wall display and the room will instantly seem more balanced and orderly. Several pieces of art hung together in a visually pleasing way can completely transform a space.

6. Arranging Furniture Up Against Walls

Pushing all the furniture in a room up against the walls can make the space look messy and cluttered. It may seem odd, but you’re going to want to pull the furniture in towards the center of the room and create a seating arrangement that allows for conversation. For example, arrange a sofa and chairs around a coffee table and use an area rug to tie the grouping together.

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