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6 Welcoming Fall Decor Ideas for the Front Door

6 Welcoming Fall Decor Ideas for the Front Door

Go beyond the wreath this year for your front door decor and create an entrance that is both inviting and full of autumn warmth.

As one of the first things guests see when they walk up to your home, the front door should be ground zero for your fall front porch display. When planning your seasonal decorating, there are many elements to choose from, including pumpkins, colored leaves, Indian corn, seasonal flowers, and other natural items. That’s not to mention all the fun fall decor you can find in your local stores — often quite inexpensive.

Here are several creative autumn front door ideas to get you started on some stunning curb appeal.

Rustic Entrance

Give your threshold some farmhouse-style fall decor by putting natural elements together with those rustic flea market finds. For example, a large galvanized metal funnel makes a great vessel for holding an arrangement of colorful fall foliage. Simply put an attractive assortment together and then mount the completed piece to the front door. You can add to the display by flanking the entrance with bundles of cornstalks or incorporating a vintage ladder with vibrant feed sacks on the rungs. Complete the look by using other reclaimed items as pedestals for pumpkins.

Rake Decoration

In the same vein, an easy autumn door decoration can be made by taking the head off of an old wire rake. Simply gather some seasonal foliage to tuck between the rake twines for color and texture, and voila! Small branches, bittersweet and dried berries are ideal choices, but choose what you love. Faux stems can be used for a long-lasting decoration. For a charming touch, consider wrapping twine around the bottom of the rake head and tying it into a bow.

Fall Leaf Showcase

Use tree branches adorned with fall leaves to frame your door with the vibrant colors of the season. Simply wait until the trees near your home begin to turn, then clip some especially pretty branches with lots of colorful leaves. Large pumpkins make great supports for the branches — either hollow them out or poke holes in the top to hold the limbs. Place the large pumpkin vases on either side of the door, adding more fall color with layers of small gourds and pumpkins.

Door Sign

Welcome guests with this easy chalkboard sign idea that you can make from an old picture frame. Take a standard wood picture frame and paint the frame whichever color you choose. Use chalk paint on the glass panel, covering it thoroughly. Reassemble the frame once the paint has dried and use hot glue to attach a ribbon on the back for hanging. Write a seasonal fall message on your new chalkboard sign and hang it on the door.

Wicker Basket Decor

Stay out of the basic door wreath rut with this unique autumn door decor idea that uses a wicker basket as the centerpiece. When filled with fall foliage — natural grasses, sunflowers, bittersweet, Chinese lantern stems, or small branches with colored leaves — the basket makes an eye-catching addition to your door. Again, you can use real or faux foliage depending on how long you’d like for the decoration to last. Once the basket is mounted on the door, further the display by arranging stools or chairs around the front stoop. Top them with pumpkins or fall-themed pillows to up the seasonal flair.

Autumn Bushel Basket

Along the same lines, a bushel basket makes another solid foundation element for autumn door decor. You can either leave the basket as natural wood or paint it, depending on the style you want. Then simply insert floral foam in the bottom of the basket to secure an assortment of stems and branches (real or faux) that boast the classic yellow, orange and red colors of fall. Finish off the arrangement by tucking in a few mini pumpkins or gourds and tying an appropriate ribbon around the center of the basket. Attach a length of burlap to hang it on the door.

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