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7 Easy Changes to Make Your Bedroom as Comfy as a High-End Hotel

7 Easy Changes to Make Your Bedroom as Comfy as a High-End Hotel

Five-star hotel rooms are purposely designed to be a cozy home away from home. Use these decorating ideas to bring that same comfort and relaxation to your own bedroom or guestroom.

1. Change of Scenery

Sometimes making your bedroom feel more luxe is as simple as changing your view. Try altering the placement of your bed and the arrangement of your furniture. Get really creative by positioning your bed at an angle or in front of a window.

2. Incorporate an Area Rug

Inject some interest and cozy up your bedroom by adding an area rug. Easy and effective, a rug can add a focal point as well as provide a soft place to tread. For extra comfort, find a rug with long, plush pile, like a shag rug.

3. Switch Out Your Headboard

A striking headboard is a great way to bring high-end impact to your bedroom. Just be sure to choose a complementary upholstery fabric that goes with your other bedroom colors. For a more traditional look, consider a plush, tufted version. If dimension is needed, go for a textural fabric (like velvet) or opt for a headboard that features woven cane details.

4. Plump Up Your Bed

To recreate the extravagant feel of hotel bedding, a fluffy comforter or duvet is a must. The added volume is an instant upgrade that exudes coziness and makes you want to climb under the covers. Available in down and down-alternative blends, a variety of weights and styles can easily be found. Simply choose one according to how much warmth you prefer at night.

Duvet covers are also an easy solution for changing the colors and pattern of your bed. All you have to do is swap out the outer cover for a whole new bedroom design.

5. Put on a Mattress Cover

When it comes to bedding essentials, a quality mattress cover should be high on your list. Not only will it make your bed more comfortable, but it will also prolong the life of the mattress by providing a layer of protection, keeping it clean and free of odors and stains. In addition, special temperature-regulating mattress covers are now available to help you stay cooler and wick away moisture while you sleep.

6. Upgrade Your Pillow

Many people don’t realize that bed pillows should be replaced every six months. Consider an upgrade to make your bedding feel fresh. New pillows can also help ease neck pain, and keep you cooler and more comfortable. For a quick and easy decorative facelift, consider adding pretty shams to existing pillows or putting together a group of coordinating throw pillows for the top of your bed.

7. Use Linen Spray

Is there anything better than the scent of fresh sheets? The trouble is that most people don’t have the time for everyday washing. One easy solution is a quick spritz of linen spray before you get into bed — it’ll feel like a luxury after a hectic day. A bouquet of sweet-smelling flowers on the nightstand is another great way to inject a little aromatherapy.

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