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7 Easy Upgrades to Turn Your Fireplace Into a Chic Focal Point

7 Easy Upgrades to Turn Your Fireplace Into a Chic Focal Point

If your fireplace could use some inspiration, now is the perfect time for an upgrade. There are many simple ways to give it new life! Here are a few to get you started.

Paint the Brick

A fresh coat of paint on your basic brick fireplace can completely transform it. While the project involves some prep work and special heat-resistant paint, the end result is well worth the effort. For a clean aesthetic go with a crisp white, or use a bold accent color to create some drama.

Statement Lighting

Put a spotlight on your fireplace with eye-catching lighting. For example, installing a ceiling-mounted fixture in front of the fireplace highlights any decor and ensures the area is well-lit at all times. Consider choosing the finish of your light fixtures so that they coordinate with the rest of the room’s decor.

Install Bold Tiles

Is your fireplace in dire need of a pick-me-up? Try revamping it with some colorful tiles. Choose a pattern that suits the space and your personal style. For an even bigger statement, consider giving your fireplace a new mantel as well. For example, add character and texture with a mantel fashioned out of reclaimed wood.

Another effective option is to reface the fireplace with slate, granite or marble tiles in shades that pop when used in tandem with architectural elements. To achieve a more unified, traditional look, consider using larger tiles that require less grout lines. Mosaic tiles made of ceramic, stone, and glass add texture and create a more modern aesthetic.

Faux Fireplace Solution

No fireplace? No problem. A faux fireplace can also give your room an instant focal point. Simply secure a mantelpiece to the wall for the illusion of a fireplace, then place potted plants, artwork, or a basket of cut wood in the firebox opening. Take the display even further by highlighting the area with sconces and hanging a piece of wall art above the faux fireplace.

Decorate Your Mantel

Keeping fire safety in mind, it’s important to decorate your fireplace minimally with items that are non-combustible. However, an unused or non-working fireplace allows for more decorative freedom. Mantel accessories should highlight your personality. Books, vases, potted plants and artwork all make great choices.

Collections are another display idea for the mantel. Because fireplaces are often the focal point of a room, you’ll be sure your treasures will be seen. Simply curate a collection of your favorite things and layer them to best effect, using height, color, texture and symmetry for guidance.

Salvaged Mantel

If your flat-plane fireplace could use some color, texture and dimension, consider mounting an architectural artifact or reclaimed wooden beam as a mantel. Weathered and imperfect, salvaged finds work especially well with fireplaces featuring brickwork or white-walled spaces needing some warmth.

Stylish Storage

Is your fireplace surrounded by blank walls? Make the most of it by flanking your fireplace with cabinets. Start with standard upper kitchen cabinets. Simply mount them on the wall and use trim pieces to line the cupboards up with the top of the fireplace. To finish it off, cap the entire span of cupboards and fireplace with a board that serves as a mantelshelf. Paint the new additions to match the original fireplace.

Built-ins are another effective way to boost a fireplace’s aesthetic while also providing precious storage and display space. Freestanding shelving units or bookcases can be used to create a similar look. Unite the individual pieces by painting them to match the fireplace or wall color.

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