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7 Most Searched Home Styles of 2019

7 Most Searched Home Styles of 2019

What’s hot and what’s not when it comes to home styles? Here are the seven most popular searches in 2019, and there are some surprises in there!

#7: Craftsman Style Home

Most popular in places like Idaho, Michigan, Georgia, Virginia and Indiana, Craftsman style homes are defined by gabled roofs and straight lines. They are especially striking in bright or unusual exterior color schemes.

#6: Japanese Style Home

With their curved overhangs and symmetrical lines, there is nothing more visually inspiring than a Japanese style home. They are known to be peaceful, stylish and clean dwellings, and are often modernized with Adirondack influences.

#5: Art Deco Style

A combination of 1930’s movie star glamour and Ancient Eqyptian influences, art deco features bold exterior decorations, smooth walls, and chrome or mirrored accents. Residential art deco style exteriors are rare, except for a small number in Miami’s South Beach, New York City and Chicago. However, homeowners are able to incorporate that striking art deco-style accents inside.

#4: Spanish Style Home

More like vacation destinations than actual places to live, Spanish homes are ornate and often feature colorful tile. This style was most searched in warmer climates — California, Florida and Texas — which makes complete sense. The stucco exteriors and airy, arched doorways typical of Spanish style homes make for a shady, relaxing escape from hot weather.

#3: Cape Cod Home Style

What could possibly be better than a permanent beach vacation? As the third most popular home style search in 2019, it seems that homeowners are turning their back on classic siding and shutters, and embracing shaker shingles, teeny little dormers and steep roofs.

#2: Colonial Home Style

Classic and symmetrical, Colonial homes are the quintessential home style of suburbia, and not surprisingly number two on the list of most searched home styles. Colonials are most fun when set apart by exterior color choices, such as bold shutters or siding.

#1: Farmhouse Style

Another one that was easily predicted, Farmhouse was the number one searched home style in 2019. And why not? It has something for everyone: cozy, rustic, charming, easily customized, and blends well with other styles. You can’t ask for more than that!

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