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7 Uncommon Ways to Use Seasonal Wreaths

7 Uncommon Ways to Use Seasonal Wreaths

Avoid the ordinary and try something new this year with your seasonal wreaths! Here are seven unconventional ideas to get you started.

Plant Stand Wreath

Saucers under potted plants are necessary to ensure proper drainage, but sometimes they can become eyesores. Try placing an evergreen wreath at the base of your planters for a bit of seasonal style, while also hiding that unsightly saucer.

Wreath Mobile

An easy and unexpected use for a wreath, a mobile can be made by tying a rope around the wreath in three or four spots, evenly spaced. Cut the rope to size based on how low you want your mobile to hang. Hang the wreath from the ceiling or an outside beam. Once the wreath is hung, start adding the decorations. For a layered look, consider decorating the top of the wreath as well as suspending items from the bottom.

Snowman Wall or Door Decor

Wreaths are a great base for wall or door sculptures when several are used together in different sizes. For instance, a snowman sculpture can be created with three wreaths: a large, a medium and a small. Attach the wreaths together in size order with twine or ribbon. Once assembled, use an over-the-door wreath hanger or self-stick plastic hooks to secure the snowman to a door. To attach to a wall, simply hammer in a couple picture nails around the top of each of the wreaths.

Festive Tabletop Display

Use small-sized wreaths on a multi-tiered cake stand to create a tabletop sculpture. The wreaths fill each tier with color, pattern and texture. For something a little extra special, use the bottom tiers for just wreaths and the top-tier for a wreath holding a candle.

Mini Wreath Candle Chargers

Put mini wreaths to work as chargers for basic pillar candles or hurricanes. To get the proper look, the wreaths must fit snugly around the candles and hurricanes. The easiest way to ensure this is to get your hurricanes and pillar candles before choosing the wreaths. Once you have them picked, find wreaths with an opening no bigger than 1/4-inch more than the diameter of the candle or hurricane.

Wreath Clock Frame

Wreaths have the ability to bring seasonal zip to average, everyday items. Take a wall clock, for instance. Simply covering the clock’s frame with an evergreen wreath gives it the perfect holiday touch. In fact, the more basic the clock the better, as the wreath is supposed to take center stage this time of year.

Wreath Mirror Frame

Similarly, standard round mirrors can get a nice seasonal upgrade with a wreath frame. If you don’t have any around your home, consider purchasing an inexpensive, unframed beveled-edge mirror from your local home improvement store and attaching a wreath with the same diameter. Affix the wreath directly to the face of the mirror using a liquid adhesive. It can then be hung on a wall or placed on a tabletop as part of a seasonal display.

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