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7 Ways to Use Rugs for Style & Warmth

7 Ways to Use Rugs for Style & Warmth

With the right size, style and placement, rugs can effectively bring beauty to a room, as well as coziness underfoot. Use these seven tips to incorporate them into your decor.

The versatility of rugs can never be overstated. Not only can they provide a starting point for creating a look, they also bring warmth, have the ability to define a style, and can completely transform a room. If a room feels like there’s something missing, it’s usually a rug. Here are a few ways to work rugs into your space:

1. Glass Coffee Table

If you find a rug you especially love, consider pairing it with a glass coffee table to show off its beauty. A regular, opaque piece of furniture will just cover it up. While glass tables are a natural fit for modern interiors, they work well with transitional and traditional styles also.

2. Geometric Patterns

Although it may seem contrary, rugs with geometric patterns can be used in tandem with solid or patterned fabric. Geometric patterns actually look right at home in very traditional spaces when mixed in with damask, chintz or ikat.

3. Picking the Right Rug Size

Choosing the correct rug size for your space is extremely important. Case in point: If purchasing a rug for the dining room, there should be enough rug around the table for the chairs to be pulled out without getting caught on the edge of the rug.

Similarly, when finding a rug for a bedroom, factor in the bed size as well as the room size. While the rug doesn’t need to go under the bed completely, it should at least cover the floor right up to the nightstands with enough space on each side so that you can step onto the rug when getting out of bed.

4. Go for Texture

Bold-colored rugs not for you? No problem. Simply go with a textured rug instead. When it comes to adding dimension to a room, texture is just as effective as bold colors. For an even bigger impact, consider repeating the rug texture elsewhere in the room.

5. Create a Connection

For rooms that serve a double purpose, a rug has the ability to bridge the two functions of the space. For example, rug placement in a home with an open floor plan can create an informal connection between an eating area and the living room, making the space feel more cohesive.

6. Define Walkways

In addition to helping define room boundaries, rugs are also effective at defining traffic lanes in your home. Runners are perfect for transitioning from one area to another, and can inject character into overly long spaces that may seem otherwise uninteresting.

7. Rugs as Art

Did you know that rugs can be used as wall art? If you have an extra special rug that is strikingly beautiful, unique or valuable, think about mounting it over a bed, sofa or mantel as a focal point.

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