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7 Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bathroom

7 Window Treatment Ideas for Your Bathroom

Offering more than just privacy, bathroom window treatments can also bring a pop of pattern or a bit of softness. Use these ideas to dress up your space!

Simple Drapes

In the bathroom, basic draperies in cream or white can project elegance and serve to soften a space dominated by slick, hard surfaces. They also provide a polished backdrop for any notable elements in the room — such as a standout vanity or unique floor or wall pattern.

If you are not concerned about privacy, then bathroom window treatments can be as sheer or simple as you want. Blackout curtains or blinds can be installed for complete coverage. Just remember that natural light is cut off totally when those types of window treatments are closed.

If privacy is important but you’re not willing to sacrifice brightness, consider bathroom window treatments that do not block light, but filter it instead. For example, drapes made from thin, light-colored fabric will allow natural light to shine through. Also, be sure to choose a fabric (cotton is a good one) that holds up well in humid conditions.

Go With Blinds

For a bathroom look that is more sleek and minimalistic, forget the curtains and drapes and go with blinds or shutters instead. Not only can the shades be closed for privacy, they can also be matched to the color of your trim for a seamless appearance.

Cafe Curtains

A trendy bathroom window dressing solution, try hanging curtains or mini blinds halfway up the window and leaving the top of the window exposed. This simple treatment is stylish and provides the best of both worlds — privacy and plenty of natural light.

Shutter Ideas

Perk up your basic bathroom window by covering part of it with shutters that can be mounted over the window opening and folded open. Practical and visually appealing, shutters do well in bathrooms because they are durable and low maintenance. In addition, they are full of character and bring architectural interest to your space. When operable, they are great for light regulation and privacy. Either custom-order them to size, or try to find salvaged or vintage ones to suit your window situation.

Frosted or Stain-Glass Windows

For a bathroom on the second story of your home, window treatments may not be necessary at all. If that’s the case, consider incorporating a frosted or stained-glass window for added interest. This solution works especially well for windows located in the shower area where most fabric curtains and shades aren’t usable. Much like sheer curtains, frosted or stained-glass windows allow natural light into the space without sacrificing privacy.

Roman Shades

Roman shades raise up in soft gathers to allow in light and sights. On windows that are narrow, the shades hang in a single swag, while wider windows will have multiple swags. Roman shades can be used for more sophisticated styles as well as those that are whimsical, depending on the fabric print chosen. Most shades are lined to protect the fabric from sun damage, so they provide gentle light filtering rather than blocking out light entirely.

Window Treatment Combinations

Humidity, confined space, and functionality make choosing a bathroom window dressing challenging. In especially difficult situations, consider pairing window treatments to get the results you’re after. For example, plantation shutters are great for providing privacy, but don’t restrict light. Pairing them with a light-blocking curtain is the perfect solution for total privacy. Similarly, pairing shades or shutters with a valance helps play up the design aspects of the window.

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