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8 Clever Artwork Display Ideas for Your Home

8 Clever Artwork Display Ideas for Your Home

Artwork adds so much to a room — movement, color, texture, personality. Here are a few stunning display ideas to help you integrate it into your home decor.

Statement Piece

Large, dramatic pieces are often displayed on their own to give them importance and showcase their personality. They draw the eye and add interest to the space.


A row or two of floating shelves featuring a collection of framed artwork leaning against the wall creates a gorgeous display. Versatile and easily managed, the frames can be arranged in any order that suits your mood.


Turn that awkward corner, wall, or defunct fireplace into a display space by leaning an eye-catching piece of art against it.

Lovely Lineup

Smaller, unique prints in vintage frames all hung in a row is another lovely display. By keeping the artwork in soft and neutral tones, you complement the other colors throughout the room. You can hang them with the tops or bottoms of the frames even, or center them all.

Child Art

Frame and hang your children’s art! After all, there’s no requirement that all artwork must be a masterpiece. Child art is typically bold, colorful and fun — the perfect addition for a bedroom or playroom. The result is a personal space full of warmth and character.


Dedicate an entire wall to gallery style mix-and-match artwork. Use different sizes and types of art, but with like-colored frames for cohesion. The effect? An impressive display that adds interest and depth to the space.

Shelf Treatment

Built-in or stand alone bookcases are a perfect spot to inject more personal artwork, like photos or sketches. Portraits and small prints, vases and books are also good choices.

Every Nook and Cranny

Get creative! Go through and evaluate the available spaces throughout your home. Every empty nook is an opportunity to introduce art, whether a single petite piece above the sink in the kitchen, a bright and airy work of art on a narrow wall by the bathtub, or an earthy display welcoming guests next to an entryway door.

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