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8 Creative Ideas for Decorating Above Kitchen Cupboards

8 Creative Ideas for Decorating Above Kitchen Cupboards

Looking for a fresh solution to fill that awkward space above your kitchen cabinets? Here are some ideas that are smart, easy and stylish.

1. Vintage Charm

Get creative with vintage collectibles and put together a display chock full of country charm. For example, try pairing metal signs, vintage metal tins and an old watering can for a colorful exhibit that will catch the eye.

2. Organization Space

Add some storage while still keeping things open and airy by using the top of your cabinets to house wire baskets. Not only will they keep everything neat and orderly, they’ll make it really easy to see what you have stored up there.

If you prefer keeping your storage items hidden, simply swap out the wire baskets for wicker or another opaque style. To assist you in remembering their contents, add a number to the outside or some other type of easy-to-read label.

3. Word Perfect

Whimsical and unexpected, large metal letters above your kitchen cabinets will definitely make a statement — literally. Spell out a special name, express something positive, or just go with initials. No matter what you choose, family and friends will be sure to find it fun.

4. Keep Them Handy

Even if your kitchen is a decent size, it seems like more space is always preferred. To free up space and create a less-cluttered look, consider stashing bulky or rarely used items above the cabinets.

5. Color-Rich Collection

Rather than taking up valuable counter or cabinet space, consider putting a favorite collection on display above the cabinets. Colorful vases or another cheerful grouping brings a fun accent in an unusual spot.

6. Safe Keeping

Although a little intimidating when it comes to placing them up there, storing breakables above your cupboards actually keeps them safe from little hands. One interesting choice that adds a personal touch is a display of gorgeous glass jars. See-through jars can be filled with colorful objects for extra pop.

7. Plant Perfection

Bring your kitchen to life by perching a few potted plants above the cupboards. Use fake varieties if the cabinets are too high to comfortably water real ones. Even though they’re not alive, faux plants still lend a feeling of health and cheerfulness to a home.

8. Luminous Display

Use lighting to your advantage by showcasing a lovely vignette above your cabinets. Pottery, curated accessories, and seldom-used serving pieces all work well together for a spotlight-worthy display.

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