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8 Creative Upcycling Ideas for Any Room in the House

8 Creative Upcycling Ideas for Any Room in the House

Beautify on a budget with these creative upcycling ideas suitable for any room in your home.

Layered Looking Glasses

Try overlapping a group of small-sized vintage mirrors to boost your room’s natural light and to create a unique decorating element. Typically hung from wires on the back, the individual mirrors can easily be adjusted into a level position amongst the others.

Tall Dresser Storage Solution

In need of storage space? No problem. Swap out a low table in a hallway, entryway or dining room for a tall dresser. Choose one that will compliment the room while also providing the oh-so-important space to stash the items you need stored.

Add Character With a Collection

Your home should be a place where you are surrounded by the things that you love. To add personality to a room, consider showcasing one of your favorite collections. For example, a collection of shallow woven baskets can translate into a gorgeous wall display — especially when the group is made up of a mix of sizes, colors and patterns. When hanging them, simply hammer a small-headed nail near the center of each basket and arrange them so that the edges overlap slightly. Start with a large basket in the center and work your way outward.

Inject Color Without Paint

Anywhere you have glass-front cabinets or open shelving — no matter if they’re stand-alone units or built-ins — self-adhesive shelf liner can be used to add a big dose of color and retro-style charm. The best part? No paint required.

Re-Fashion Hand-Me-Downs Into Art

Harness the beauty and sentimental value of small hand-embroidered linens by framing the embroidered details. Whether they were given to you by a beloved family member or are just a favorite vintage find, you’ll be honoring history and paying tribute to all the work that went into their creation.

Give Your Child’s Stepstool a New Purpose

If your child has outgrown the two-step bathroom stool that they once needed to reach the sink, it might be time to repurpose it as a two-tiered plant stand. Relocate the stool to a sunny corner of the house and surround it with a variety of pretty plants. Bonus: In addition to looking fabulous, the plants will help clear the air of odors and indoor pollutants.

Frame Calendar Images

Often overlooked, wall calendars can be filled with gorgeous images — especially vintage calendars. To turn an old calendar into an eye-catching gallery wall, all you need is a collection of stock white mats and inexpensive frames.

Crafty Scratchpad for Kitty

Distract your favorite furball away from the upholstery by giving them a textured surface to sharpen their claws on instead. Simply frame a coir door mat (or part of one) and secure it to the wall at a level where kitty can have a good scratch.

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