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8 Fall Decorating Ideas to Inject Some Seasonal Style Into Your Home

8 Fall Decorating Ideas to Inject Some Seasonal Style Into Your Home

Refresh your home for the season with these eight easy fall decorating tips and tricks.

1. Autumn Table Formula

For casual autumn brunches or even your Thanksgiving dinner, try using this simple decorating formula to ensure a beautiful seasonal table. Start by combining new and old items in your display, then work in a texture theme throughout the mix. Next, sprinkle in hints of nature, such as gourds or fall foliage, and lastly consider adding pops of blue for a more modern aesthetic. As a bonus, much of the decor can be scavenged free of charge in your own backyard.

2. Contrasting Colors

Use complementary colors to give your autumn displays some extra zest this season. For example, find a colored vase that contrasts with the color of foliage you use. Not only will it make the leaves or flowers stand out, the contrast brings added interest to the room as a whole. Cool colors like greens, blues and purples are excellent choices to complement shades of yellow, orange and red autumn leaves.

Another easy, eye-catching display brings a twist to the classic pumpkin theme. Simply collect a few pumpkins of various sizes and arrange them around Chinese lantern plant stems in a cobalt blue vase. Although the display seems very basic, the blue of the vase and the unique shape of the flower elevates it to another level.

3. Fall-Inspired Patterns

Mix a few fall styles together for a pretty table that will take you through the entire season. For example, cover a table in a cozy plaid flannel tablecloth and top it with various seasonal produce like pumpkins, apples and mini gourds. Use flowers as a garnish, accenting the look with warm and neutral shades like red, orange, yellow and brown.

4. Head for the Trees

Another option is to forget the flowers altogether and focus on the beauty of colored leaves exclusively. Table place settings can be dressed up by creating mini bouquets of leaves. Just arrange them into small groupings tied with ribbon. Or consider making a chic centerpiece by placing some leafy branches in a vase. Equally as festive but more substantial, the branches will last up to a week in water. Try to find leaves that have changed colors but haven’t yet become brittle.

Also, if buying new seasonal dishware isn’t something you want to do, simply work with what you already have. Make your fall centerpiece coordinate with your existing dishware — orange pumpkins and leaves go well with blue or green, for instance. You can also use festive table linens and napkins for an easy fall look.

5. Personalized Pumpkins

Carving your pumpkins into jack-o’-lantern faces isn’t the only way to make them special. Consider trying out different decorating techniques this year that work better with your own style. Curvy, more abstract carvings tend to be more elegant and sophisticated, while painted designs are more bold. For an eclectic look, go for a variety of pumpkins in all different sizes, shapes or colors.

6. Earthy & Elegant

Anytime you display something under glass it tends to heighten its perceived importance and elegance. Try featuring the best of your fall harvest bounty under a glass display dome for a casual yet sophisticated look. Hedge apples, gourds, and little pumpkins all make great choices for the display. Simply arrange them to your satisfaction in a shallow terra-cotta bulb pan and then cover the arrangement with a cloche.

7. Autumn Entryway Display

Welcome friends and family into your home by showcasing autumn’s bounty in your entryway. Metal serving trays are a great way to effectively highlight a collection of small pumpkins and gourds, for instance. From there, simply add in a few big, primitive-looking pottery pieces and a bouquet of leafy branches or fall-themed flowers. In an entryway with lots of room, go big and position a special table in the center of the space for your fall display. Those with limited space can use a side table.

8. Faux is Your Friend

While fresh foliage is fabulous, sometimes faux can also be a friend. For a fast and easy fall refresh, simply take a couple minutes to toss a few branches of bittersweet into a vase or wind it around a furnishing or two, like a clock or shelving unit. If your space lacks a tall stand-alone furnishing, consider looping the bittersweet around another focal point instead, like a fireplace mantel.

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