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8 Living Room Design Ideas for Any Budget

8 Living Room Design Ideas for Any Budget

Whether you are pinching pennies or have money to burn, check out these great designer tips to give your living room a boost without breaking the bank:

1. Rearrange the Furniture

Simple but effective, a new arrangement can do wonders to update your living room’s look and improve functionality. Pinpoint what you’d like the ultimate goal of the room to be (watching movies, conversation, etc.) and move pieces until you find an arrangement that flows. TIP: “Shop” other rooms for pieces that would fit with your new living room.

2. Declutter the Bookcases

Another simple and free way to update your living room is to style your bookcases. First, empty them completely and re-evaluate which pieces your really love, arrange the remaining items in a new and more intentional way. Group stacks of books together, displaying some vertically and some horizontally; add accessories and artwork. Mix it up by creating small groupings and combining items in varying sizes, colors and textures.

3. New Lighting

Reinvent your living room space by updating the lighting. New light fixtures can brighten up the room or create the perfect ambiance. Whether you choose a statement chandelier, recessed lights or the perfect table or floor lamps, the right lighting is key to showing off a gorgeous design.

4. Swap out Pillows

As you probably know, pillows give a lot of bang for your buck. By simply changing your throw pillows, you can get a brand new look with the same room, same accessories, same sofa. Mix up the prints and hues to create visual interest and texture.

5. Narrow the Color Scheme

This can be done in three simple steps: First, take an inventory of your living room; second, determine your three favorite colors; and third, edit. By simplifying the color palette, you make the design more dynamic. Only after you’ve edited the room down to your 3 chosen colors, see what accessories are needed to highlight the new color scheme. But remember to only buy items you truly love!

6. Update the Doors

Consider updating your traditional swinging door to a sliding barn door or pocket door. Not only is this a space saver, it adds a fun architectural element to any living room, even the most basic.

7. Create a Gallery Wall

Incorporate a colorful splash with artwork! Although often expensive, there are many budget-friendly shopping options available online. Try a mixture of smaller abstract prints in a variety of hues from the living room’s color palette to create an impressive display.

8. Find a Focal Piece

Whether it is a unique piece of art or salvaged architectural pieces like decorative antique windows, when added to a living room they make a dramatic statement and a show a personal touch – especially when paired with simple accessories that highlight their unique qualities.

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