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8 Ways to Disguise Unsightly Garbage Bins

8 Ways to Disguise Unsightly Garbage Bins

If you’re tired of looking at your trash and recycling bins sitting in the driveway or garden, check out these smart ideas on how to store them in style.

Choose a Screen

A curved or folding screen offers an elegant way to hide unappealing plastic bins from view. Attractive on their own, there are many colors, patterns and styles to choose from, including sturdy wooden ones in cutwork patterns, or more natural-looking ones made from bamboo or woven grasses.

The beauty of using a screen is that you can section off as much space as you need to store other things, like garden equipment or bikes, in addition to the garbage bins. To beautify and blend the screens into your yard even more, consider growing vines or climbers up and over the screens.

Build a Brick Shelter

Using bricks that compliment the exterior of your house, create a practical storage area with custom compartments to house the bins, compost containers and recycling boxes. A designated storage space designed specifically for the bins enhances the space, and adds character and interest to your home.

Make Storage Space Part of the Garden

Design a sturdy wooden enclosure to house the bins that works as an extension of the garden. Incorporate a box on the top of the structure to create a “living roof,” planted with wildlife-friendly flowers and foliage. This way the wooden structure becomes an integral piece of your garden’s design rather than an unsightly obstacle to be hidden away.

Design Storage Space Into An Outbuilding

If you have a larger space to work with, consider adding an open-sided outbuilding to store and hide your bins, in addition to other tools and garden gear. This idea would especially complement traditional or cottage-style exteriors. For more contemporary homes, choose a sleeker outbuilding design, or paint the outbuilding a darker color.

Build a Storage Wall

For homes with limited space, make your storage bins serve double-duty by turning their storage area into a boundary wall. The storage shelter will serve to screen the bins from view, while creating a stylish barrier, shielding your home from the road or your neighbor’s yard.

Extend Your Fence Material

In a small garden, you will most likely want your bins to disappear as much as possible. Building a screening structure out of the same material as your garden fence is the perfect way to make them recede. The structure will blend with the fence and fade into the background.

Screen Off a Corner

If you don’t want a large box-like structure in your garden, consider creating a customized screen or fence that curves neatly around a small corner of the garden to hide the bins from the house.

Construct a Mini Enclosure

For spacious yards, an open-topped enclosure is a smart way to store and disguise garbage bins and other unsightly pieces of equipment. Paint it the same color as the house’s exterior and install a central gate to access the space. The shelter will be an unobtrusive and elegant solution.

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