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8 Ways to Eliminate Clutter From Your Utility Closet

8 Ways to Eliminate Clutter From Your Utility Closet

You’ll never find yourself searching for another tool or cleaning product again with these eight clever organizing ideas and storage solutions.

Install Shelves

Optimizing closet storage is essential for containing clutter, and good shelving is one of the best solutions. For utility closets without enough space for standard shelving, consider installing a custom, smaller-scale unit for storage. This strategy will give even tiny, shallow closets designated shelf space for housing cleaning products and accessories.

Create an Ironing Station

If your utility closet and linen closet are located in the same space, try making use of the back of the door for an ironing station. You can make it as simple as you need it to be, but the ultimate goal is to keep your iron, supplies and ironing board up off the floor to save space for bulky items like a vacuum or air mattress.

Use Hooks or Pegs

Sometimes simple is best, like turning to hooks for a quick storage solution. They are great for hanging things like dusters, dustpans, flashlights and small step stools. Just make sure to check for any weight limits so that the hooks don’t pull out of the walls.

When trying to manage a larger amount of items, consider mounting a classic pegboard on the back wall of the closet. Handy, versatile and easy to rearrange, pegboards can accommodate a lot of different items.

Make a Mobile Cart

To deal with easy chores that are done regularly, consider crafting a mobile cart out of an empty filing cabinet and caster wheels. Fill it with mops, brooms and cleaning supplies, and then simply wheel it out to clean and wheel it back when you’re done.

Organize Papers and Documents

Instead of stuffing manuals and receipts into a junk drawer, consider storing them in a folder or document case stashed safely in the utility closet. If your utility closet also doubles as a craft closet, keep in mind that stackable document cases can also be used for storing cards, stationery and printer paper.

Use the Back of the Door

It’s important to make the best use of every inch of your utility closet — including the vertical space on the back of the door. Handy hanging racks are available that can be mounted to either a blank wall or the back of a door. They provide plenty of extra space for stowing smaller items like boxes of dust pads, rags and cleaning gloves.

Install Pull-Out Drawers

Digging around in your closet and pulling out things in order to reach items in the back can be a thing of the past with pull-out drawers. Available in a range of styles, like wire baskets, these drawers are attached to rollers so they can be pulled out to reach the items in the back. Add them to shelves to keep things organized and easily accessible.

Get a Curtain Rod or Towel Rack

This storage hack is popular for under the kitchen or bathroom sink, but it’s also a great solution for a utility closet. Simply attach a curtain rod or install a tension rod at the bottom of the closet and put it to work by hanging spray bottles or draping towels and cleaning gloves on it.

If you like the idea of hanging things but your space doesn’t allow a full curtain rod, consider installing a towel rack instead. Maximize efficiency by adding small, hangable pots to hold little items.

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