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9 Inexpensive Updates to Give Your Home a High-End Look

9 Inexpensive Updates to Give Your Home a High-End Look

Make your home look expensive without spending the big bucks. Just a few fast, low-cost changes and your home can look newer, bigger and more upscale.

Paint the Trim

Trim work brings attention to your home’s features, highlighting windows, walls, doorways, staircases, and more. By painting your trim an updated color, you can bring even more attention to these interior elements and bring a high-end look to your home. For a decidedly modern effect, consider giving outdated woodwork a coat of crisp white paint or picking a contrasting hue like black.

Make Your Ceilings Look Higher

One notable feature in many high-end homes is a lofty ceiling height. If actually raising the ceiling height in your home is beyond your remodeling budget, consider using window treatments to create the appearance of a taller ceiling. Simply install curtain rods closer to the ceiling and choose long, graceful drapes that kiss the floor. This will give the illusion of high ceilings and add grandeur to the room.

Use Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper for Pattern

While bold patterns on walls will give a room an upscale feel, the treatment doesn’t necessarily have to be costly. Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a great budget-friendly option. Not only is it less expensive than traditional wallpaper, it’s also a lot easier to apply. Consider trying this wall treatment in a compact space, like a powder room, laundry room, hall or entryway. That way you’ll get the big style impact you’re looking for, while keeping your costs low.

Go Neutral

If you’ve ever spent time looking, you’ll immediately notice that most upscale homes are filled with neutrals. And why not? Neutral color palettes feel open, clutter-free, calm and classic. Give your rooms high style by picking neutrals for any feature that is costly to update — think upholstery, floors and fixtures. Then introduce bold color and texture through accessories. Having a neutral foundation allows colorful accents to become the main focus.

Update Interior Doors

Give your standard, boring interior doors a boost and elevate a room’s style. There are several options available, including swapping them out with space-saving pocket doors or trendy sliding barn doors. Both of these choices will bring instant impact to a room’s design, but can also be used to inject separation needed within open floor plans. For a faster update, simply give your interior doors a coat of paint in a fresh color.

Upgrade Old Light Fixtures

Get rid of that dated and unsightly light fixture that makes you shudder every time you turn it on. By doing so, you’ll give your space an immediate step up and completely change the ambiance. In most cases, you can make the switch yourself without an electrician.

Cohesive Finishes

Coordinating hardware finishes can give your kitchen or bathroom a shiny new look. Consider upgrading to something trendy that will also age well, like sleek matte-black hardware. In addition, replacing any mismatched accessories with coordinating pieces is another affordable way to bring a polished, luxury-look to your space.

Bring Dimension with Molding

Make your plain walls look classy by giving them a paneled look with narrow molding. Known as picture-framing, this treatment is an easy way to draw attention to specific areas of a room. Just be sure to space the molding evenly and that the edges are aligned so that the final result is symmetrical and pleasing to the eye.

Create a Built-In Look

If you like the look of custom-designed built-in shelves, consider using bookcases to create the illusion of floor-to-ceiling built-ins. Simply assemble a configuration of bookcases to fill your designated space and secure them to the wall with anchors. Then add trim along the edges of the shelving units to further the custom built-in look.

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