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9 Style Ideas for Your Stair Railings

9 Style Ideas for Your Stair Railings

Stair railings are a functional safety feature, but also have a strong visual presence. They provide a great opportunity to inject some style into your design. Use these stair railing ideas to make a statement in your home.

Wood Stair Railing

Older homes often feature beautiful woodwork, including around staircases. This is an asset that should be highlighted. Leave antique stair railings unpainted to preserve their integrity and allow the wood stain to show off the grain and details.

Painted Stair Railing

For a standard, run-of-the-mill stair railing, consider updating it with stain or paint to give it a fresh look. A classic black and white motif creates a great contrasting effect — black railing and white balusters, risers and stringer. Use a bright staircase runner to protect the stairs and add a dose of personality.

Basic Stair Railing

In homes featuring ornate trim work and wall treatments, the staircase railing design can be more simple so that it almost fades into the background. This allows the standout features to take center stage. For example, a narrow rail design in white offers minimal visual intrusion.

Curved Stair Railing

Give your stairs a sense of grandeur by combining a high-polish wooden handrail with black iron balusters. When paired with a dark stair riser and trim color, you have an effective contemporary look. Take it over the top with an ornate stringer and elegant railing design.

Traditional Stair Railing

If your home’s style tends to be more traditional, then the look of a white-and-wood staircase railing design is a perfect fit. Simple white balusters are instantly elevated by a rich wood handrail and treads. The simplicity and contrast created by this pairing allows the light and the dark elements to shine.

Railing Upgrade

Take an ordinary staircase to the next level by adding trim. For example, installing trim below the treads on the face of a staircase will give it dimension and sophistication.

Modern Stair Railing

When looking for a stair railing that complements streamlined architecture, consider one that appears more modern. A great example is a sleek black metal design that contrasts with light finishes surrounding it, but picks up on any hints of black throughout the space.

Iron Stair Railing

When crafted without intricacies, iron stair railings still manage to grab attention because of their stark-yet-graceful linear design. They play well in open and airy rooms because they work with the design rather than overpower it. Although simple and slender, the dark finish gives it visual weight so it has a balanced presence.

Iron railings that are intricately detailed have a way of taking center stage — without blocking light or views. Often considered works of art themself, they make adding other accessories unnecessary.

Contemporary Style Railing

Homes featuring a contemporary style benefit from stair railings with crisp, clean lines. One example is a streamlined design where the railing requires only a few posts, and rather than having the standard vertical balusters, clear plexiglass is installed between the railing and stairs to ensure safety while maintaining the minimalist look. Another great example is a modern metal railing featuring parallel horizontal lines, which exemplifies the modern aesthetic and elongates the staircase’s visual presence.

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