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9 Ways to Redecorate Without Buying Anything New

9 Ways to Redecorate Without Buying Anything New

With many of us spending a lot more time in our homes, the urge to change things up can become overwhelming! Here’s how to redecorate without having to buy anything new.

Move Things Around

Change the entire look and feel of your room by rearranging the furniture. A simple, inexpensive way to experiment, don’t be afraid to dig in and move things around to see what it does for your space. Who knows? You may find you have more room than you thought.

Float the Furniture

Most people try to maximize floor space by shoving their sofa and other furniture up against the walls. Maybe it’s time to rethink that strategy. Instead, pull the furniture away from the wall. Not only can it make the room actually feel larger, floating the furniture makes the room feel like it was thoughtfully arranged.

Another great option, for those who have the space, is putting the sofa in the center of the living room and then placing your sideboard or console behind it. Decorate the surface with framed pictures and decorative objects. You can also consider making the sofa face a different direction to switch up your daily view.

Rethink Desk Placement

With more and more of us working from home these days, it’s time to really think about our workspace location. Let’s face it, many of us stuck a desk anywhere it would fit when we first started working from home. Take this time to rethink the situation. Consider placing your existing desk or table in the center of a room, or set it up facing a window or favorite interior home view. Regardless of what you choose, switching up the view will make a huge difference in morale and productivity.

Swap Out the Art

Want to make an easy change that makes a huge impact on your surroundings? Swap out your art. If you already have a display featuring multiple pieces, like a gallery wall or around an open space, simply take pieces off their nails or hooks and hang them on different ones. If you have art that you’d like to arrange without hammering, try propping it on a mantel or shelf. Have extra time? Consider making some new art for the walls yourself. There are many, many creative ideas out there for beginners to get you started. Give it an internet search and get to work!

Give Furniture a New Function

Think out-of-the-box when it comes to the function of your furniture. For instance, that random kitchen stool might make a really neat nightstand. Or trade that small table with your favorite side chair to hold a stack of books or magazines. Mix things up!

Relocate Your Bar

Is your bar cart being put to good use? Odds are it’s not, so maybe it’s time to put it to work. Try stocking it up and wheeling it into your living room for cocktail hour, or using it in the kitchen to help out during an especially long baking session. To add more function, consider removing the booze for a while and using the cart as a mobile arts and crafts center for the kids. (The adult beverages can be restocked once the kids are tucked into bed!)

Move Your TV

Another easy way to modify how your space is used is to relocate your television. For instance, if the TV hangs over your mantle, try replacing it with a piece of art and giving it a new, less conspicuous perch. If you’re feeling really bold, you can even banish the TV from the living room completely to encourage a different focus for the living room, relocating it in a den or another area of the home. But don’t worry if that’s too big of a change — just moving the TV to the other side of the room will make a big difference in the space’s function and focus.

Upsize or Downsize Your Dining Table

If your dining room table has extra leaves, you’ve hit the jackpot when it comes to room versatility. Make the table bigger, make the table smaller — there’s a lot of flexibility to be leveraged. For example, a large dining room table can be used as a home office, a homeschooling headquarters, or as multiple workspaces for you and the kids. By changing up the size of the table (and maybe rearranging the furniture around it) you’ll give the room a whole new look and feel. If you don’t have an alternative use in mind for the table, try removing leaves and simply adding extra space to the room.

Change Around the Lighting

For a room that is feeling a bit stale, consider experimenting with the lighting. Change it around — swap table and floor lamps to try different levels of brightness in different areas. Although often overlooked, the impact lighting has on a space speaks volumes.

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