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Bedroom Furniture Alterations to Customize Your Space

Bedroom Furniture Alterations to Customize Your Space

Give your humdrum bedroom some personality using these creative furniture makeover ideas.

Your bedroom should serve as a place for you to unwind, so it makes sense that its design should be personalized to your specific style. Using basic materials like fabric and paint, you can add pattern, color and character to everyday furniture and transform them into unique pieces that truly make your space your own.

Wallpaper Dresser Drawer Update

Turn a standard chest of drawers into a showpiece with this simple makeover idea. To start, pull out all the drawers and remove any hardware so that you can paint the dresser frame your desired shade. Next, find a peel-and-stick wallpaper in a pattern you love and cut pieces to fit each drawer front. Apply the wallpaper to the drawers using a flat edge to smooth out the air bubbles. Reattach the hardware and put the drawers back into the frame.

Plush Headboard

If your existing metal or wood headboard could use a refresh, consider upholstering it with a fun material. Fashion a faux upholstered headboard by making a slipcover out of your preferred fabric (velvet is a sophisticated choice) and sliding it over your existing headboard covered in foam. The upholstery foam is for padding. To add textural details or to imitate a tufted look, affix button blanks covered in the same fabric as the slipcover.

Colorized Acrylic Chair

Did you know that a clear acrylic desk chair can be brightened up by coating it in a mixture of transparent paint and paint thinner? Simply pick a color that enhances your bedroom’s color palette, or go with one that contrasts for a complementary effect. Because the chair is transparent, the difference between the two contrasting colors won’t appear as extreme. Use decorative accents and artwork that repeat both colors to complete the look.

Geometric Patterned Dresser

Transform a plain dresser into an eye-catching centerpiece by painting it with a geometric pattern. To make the pattern, choose a color scheme and design, then mask off sections of the dresser with painters tape. For a more diverse effect, consider alternating directions of the patterned sections.

Reupholstered Bedroom Seat

When an upholstery project is done right, an old chair can be made to look brand new. Don’t be afraid to indulge in an opulent fabric for the chair cushion, where you’ll be sitting. A more reasonably priced fabric is fine for the back and sides since texture isn’t as important in those places. The resulting two-tone look adds interest and character.

Stenciled Headboard

Another idea to revamp a plain headboard is to stencil it with an interesting pattern, motif or message. You can either stencil directly onto the existing headboard, paint it first, or upholster it and stencil onto the fabric with fabric paint. Echoing similar tones throughout the bedroom, including other fabrics, will help create a unified look. Incorporate a bold accent color as well to up the contrast.

Faux Granite Dresser

An unpredictable way to bring sophistication to your bedroom space is to give your basic dresser a faux granite top. Kits to achieve granite’s hallmark speckled appearance are available at your local DIY store. Complete the look by painting the rest of the dresser the same shade as the flecks in the faux granite finish. For added allure, try upgrading the drawer pulls with a more modern style.

Nailhead Trim Upgrade

Use nailhead trim to bring metallic detail and high-end style to your upholstered bedroom furniture, whether chairs, benches or plush headboards. To apply the trim, use a rubber mallet to tap the first nail into a corner of the frame. Measure and indicate the placement of the next nail, continuing around the frame until equally spaced nailheads adorn the entire piece.

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