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Cabincore: The Perfect Nature-Inspired Decorating Trend for Fall

Cabincore: The Perfect Nature-Inspired Decorating Trend for Fall

Give your home a cozy vibe regardless of where you live with this rustic style reminiscent of a secluded mountain cabin.

While the lighthearted, cottage-inspired aesthetic “cottagecore” took center stage throughout the warmer months, a warmer, more rustic alternative is gaining in popularity as we head into the colder months. Cabincore pulls from secluded, woodsy environments, bringing to mind the comfy, tranquil feeling of snuggling up on a cold evening in front of the fireplace.

The best part about this aesthetic is that you don’t have to own a remote cabin in the woods to enjoy it. Use these decorating tips to bring cabincore’s homey warmth to any space.

Layered Textiles

Cabincore focuses on warmth and functionality, as opposed to cottagecore’s whimsical and carefree attitude. To bring warmth during cold evenings, nothing does the job better than layers of soft, fluffy textiles. For example, bring warmth to icy floors with thick wool rugs, toss faux animal pelts over bare chairs or benches, and load up your couch or bed with chunky blankets. Emphasize the cabincore vibe by choosing bulky knits, plush fabrics, or plaid patterns.

Showpiece Fireplace

Having a fireplace in your space gives you quite an advantage on achieving this cozy style, as the warm glow of a crackling fire on a frosty night is peak cabincore. Even when the fire isn’t lit, your fireplace can exude warmth when decorated right. For example, consider hanging a nature-inspired piece of art over the firebox and adorning the mantel with candlesticks and attractive arrangements of seasonal flowers or dried grasses. Add to this look by showcasing natural materials like reclaimed wood or earthy stone.

Natural Materials and Elements

Since nature is the key inspiration for cabincore, incorporating natural elements in your decor is essential. Materials like faux fur, weathered wood, leather and organic fibers can all be used to bring the outdoors inside. Plants, floral arrangements (dried or living), and nature-themed art will also instill a calming influence in any space.

Warm, Earthy Tones

The warm colors of fall and those inspired by nature best represent the cabincore look. To jumpstart your creativity, just think about the hues you’d encounter when taking a walk in the forest — goldenrod yellow, moss green, burnt orange. Then balance your chosen color palette using neutrals like rich browns, creamy whites, and deep grays.

Moody Lighting & Dark Shades

Don’t be afraid to embrace the dark, moody atmosphere of a remote cabin in your decor. For example, in bedrooms and living spaces, look to wood-paneling and dark paint colors that enhance the feeling of comfort. Swap out any hard overhead lighting with softer options like wall sconces or table lamps. At night, consider turning the lights off completely and relying on the soft glow of candles or the fireplace for light.

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