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Curb Appeal Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Curb Appeal Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Looking to sell your home? Many homeowners turn potential buyers off before they even enter the house. Secure the sale by avoiding these common curb appeal mistakes:

Cluttered Driveway

Keeping cars parked in the driveway — not in the garage — signals to potential buyers that the house isn’t big enough to hold everything so you had to use your garage to store the overflow. It also creates a distraction in photos when advertising your home for sale online.

Less-Than-Tidy Neighbors

Much like people, homes are often assessed by the company they keep. This basically means that if you have a neighboring home with an untidy or unkempt yard, it can have a negative effect on a potential buyer. As uncomfortable as it might be, politely asking your neighbors to keep their lawn mowed — in support of your effort to sell your home — is worth the effort. If possible, offer to lend a hand to help!

Personal Items

Whether it be lawn ornaments, stacked kids’ toys, or religious decor, these personal effects are a big NO when it comes to selling a home. Also unacceptable is any outdoor landscaping that conflicts with the rest of the neighborhood and may come off as more of an eyesore than a unique feature.

Dead Vegetation

While your gardens aren’t going to look their best out of season, it’s possible to make them look tidy by eliminating dead leaves and plants. And under no circumstances should you ‘plant’ artificial flowers, no matter how tempting it may be to add color. It comes off very tacky.

High-Maintenance Yard

If you’ve spent years developing your gardens — so much so that you no longer have much grass left — it may be necessary to consult with a professional on how to make your landscape more low-maintenance. Your lawn full of annuals, perennials and ornamentals might scare away buyers who simply can’t manage it.

Neglecting Eyesores

We all have them — tattered awnings, splintered wood shutters, a cracked window. While we may be used to them, buyers will take notice immediately. Just going through and taking care of these dilapidated, mismatched or outdated items outside will do wonders to improve the curb appeal. Simple, inexpensive and highly effective, in many cases, all you need to invest is a little elbow grease.

Inappropriate Paint Colors

If your home has seen some wear and tear, you may want to consider a fresh coat of paint, even if it’s just for certain features like shutters and the front door. Try to go with neutral hues rather than those that lean to the extremes. For example, choose gray, black, white and beige over purple, yellow and pink. That being said, a pop of color can be added so that the house doesn’t appear too sterile — like a red front door or blue shutters on a white home.

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