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Deck Privacy Ideas for a Secluded Outdoor Oasis

Deck Privacy Ideas for a Secluded Outdoor Oasis

Whether you’re dealing with traffic noise, an unsightly view, or nosy neighbors, these deck privacy ideas will help you create the perfect outdoor retreat.

Lush Look

Although ideal for warm-weather climates, homeowners in the North can also enjoy leafy tropical plants. Fast-growing with big, lush leaves, these types of plants can create privacy in an instant. Simply grow them as houseplants and bring them in and out as the seasons change, or consider them exotic annuals.

Wonder Wall

It almost goes without saying that a privacy fence is one of the most common and effective ways to block an unwanted view. They are perfect for creating a secluded gathering space. Make yours more inviting with a series of container gardens or by covering it with lush vines.

Small Trees

With just a few small trees positioned around the perimeter of your deck, you can create a soft, leafy curtain of privacy without taking up a lot of valuable space in the yard. Choose different types of trees to add interest. For example, crabapple trees provide springtime blooms while small maples offer bold fall colors.

Cover with a Canopy

Available in a range of styles and design options, including retractable varieties that can be unrolled on a whim, awnings offer protection from the hot summer sun and can shield the area from neighbors’ second-floor windows. Pick an awning fabric that is complementary to your home and outdoor landscaping and you’ll not only add privacy, but style as well.

Hedge Border

If an actual fence isn’t an option in your quest for some deck privacy, consider a border of tall hedges. They will definitely block unwanted views, but also help buffer noise and tame high winds. Fast-growing varieties like Juniper and Japanese Euonymus respond well to pruning.

Creative Deck Building

If you don’t have a deck at the moment, but are looking to add one, this idea is for you. Instead of clearing an area when you go to add the deck, consider making use of what is already there. For example, incorporating an existing old tree into the deck design can give the deck more privacy with its breezy, natural canopy. Then you just supplement with lush plantings around the edge of the deck for a naturally soft, secluded space.

Hang Outdoor Drapes

Curtains are not just for interior spaces! For an intimate feel in an instant, consider hanging curtains from your deck’s pergola. Just pull them shut when privacy is needed. The curtains can also be used to help block the sun on warm summer days or to insulate the space on cooler days. Be sure to choose curtains in a sturdy outdoor fabric so that they hold up well against the elements.

Strategic Location

Before you decide where to place a deck, it’s important to take a good look at the lines of your home. Some spots are more private than others, so make sure you pick an out-of-the-way side or corner of the house that will maximize your privacy right off the bat.

Evergreen Fix

Another natural privacy fence option to consider is dense evergreens. Not only do they block any view, they also filter noise and create a lush, green backdrop for your deck. Evergreens are available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and shapes, including column-like types that grow no more than 2 feet across.

Say Yes to Vines

The ultimate privacy plant, vines can be used to form a lush roof over a small deck or provide an extra layer of privacy when scrambling up support posts, trellises and pergolas.

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