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Design Basics: How to Combine Home Accessories

Design Basics: How to Combine Home Accessories

The right accessories add style to your space and completes the room’s look. Use these foolproof tips to bring a designer touch to your home.

Choose a Color Palette

The key to pulling an assortment of accessories together is color. Choose a two- or three-color palette, then weave those colors throughout textiles, wall art, fabrics and other accessories to unite different elements in a room.

Add Layers

No matter what you’re decorating with — whether it be flowers, candlesticks, or black-and-white photos — create depth in your grouping by layering the elements. You can also inject a little bit of glam by inserting small mirrors, lamps or metallic items throughout the display.

Include Negative Space

If you want to go bold when layering and mixing colors, finishes and textures, by all means do so! Just make sure to leave adequate negative space so that your powerful vignette has some breathing room. Negative space allows the eye to rest and frames your display, giving it the impact it deserves.

Say Yes to Groupings

Maximize the power of your accessories by grouping similar items. For example, use open shelving to show off travel souvenirs. Give each smaller collection within the broader theme its own space on the shelves, such as arranging travel books together or grouping pretty pottery. You can then inject a simple color scheme to bring cohesiveness to the entire display.

Stick to One Finish

Keep things simple by choosing one metallic or color and pulling together a variety of accessories in that finish. Make sure to use a variety of shapes and sizes to maximize visual interest and create an impressive display. Shop your home for accessories you already have to create a collection for free.

Mix Things Up

You can also gather a variety of finishes and textures to bring interest and depth to a room. For example, pairing smooth wood with knitted pillows and woven fabrics creates an interesting tactile display.

The More the Merrier

Whether you inherited a collection or you’ve been adding to one for years, gathering and arranging your favorite pieces together in one location gives you an instant statement display. After all, a line of cookie jars makes for a far more impressive exhibit than just a single cookie jar.

Proportions Matter

This might seem obvious, but seek out accessories that fit the scale of the rest of your space. For instance, a small piece of art hung on a large wall will only make the art seem even smaller. Similarly, too large furniture or light fixtures will overwhelm a smaller space.

Vary Heights

Encourage the eye to move around your display by choosing accessories with various heights. Don’t forget that artwork on the wall is also part of a vignette, so always be aware of it when arranging accessories.

Embrace Nature

Plants and fresh flowers are excellent ways to bring life and energy to your arrangements. They are often all you need when it comes to adding a pop of color or texture to an overall design.

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