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Emerging Home Trends to Watch in 2020

Emerging Home Trends to Watch in 2020

Keep your eyes open for these rising home trends as we continue to adapt and settle into the new post-COVID-19 world.

Re-evaluating the Kitchen

Families are spending more time together at home, which puts an even bigger emphasis on the kitchen as the “heart of it all.” In fact, 87-percent of families recently surveyed by the National Kitchen & Bath Association are looking to have a kitchen with multiple functions: entertaining, work from home capabilities, school activities, and standard meal prep and dining. Emerging design trends include open kitchen layouts that allow for more visibility and usable space, larger kitchen islands, and upgraded appliances.

Spotlight on the Home Office

Working from home is becoming the rule for many instead of the exception. As employees continue to shift their workspaces from office settings to their homes, incorporating quiet spaces that provide privacy from the hustle and bustle of the household’s normal day-to-day activities will become increasingly popular. In general, a well-equipped work from home space needs good lighting, strong WiFi, and a wall or nook that provides a nice backdrop for video-conferencing.

Smart Home Tech

Requests for “smart” features in homes are on the rise in the real estate market. Look for innovations like smartphone-controlled technology, automatic lighting, and motion-sensor lighting to become more common. Other tech features, like the voice-activated control of appliances and touchless faucets and shades, will also become more widespread.

Simplified Living

Individuals and families are increasingly choosing to enjoy more while living with less. Along these lines, homeowners are adding decluttering to the top of their to-do lists, and finding that purging the extras reduces their stress levels. Critical design needs emerging at this time include minimizing clutter, cleaning, and targeted storage — especially in the bathroom and kitchen.

Aging In Place Features

According to a recent AARP survey, 75-percent of adults age 50 and older are looking to stay in their homes and communities as they head towards retirement. Many are realizing that may not be possible with the current setup of their homes, which is boosting age-in-place design features like wider doorways for wheelchair accessibility, barrier-free showers and bathtubs, easy-to-reach storage, improved lighting, easy-to-clean countertops, and slip-resistant flooring. In addition, digital tools and smart tech are expected to play a role in helping older homeowners stay connected in their chosen communities.

Expanded Outdoor Living Areas

Being close to nature is a proven stress reducer, making outdoor living areas a natural fit as personal oases for relaxation and retreat (in addition to their standard entertaining duties). Because of this, we’re going to see more garden areas and hardscape spaces like patios and decks. Possible features include outdoor kitchens, specialty lighting, and custom-designed walls and trellises. Outdoor audio systems can add soothing sounds for a peaceful retreat, or conversely bring liveliness to gatherings of friends and family.

Sanctuary Spaces

As more and more activities are being incorporated into the home, the need for a calm, soothing environment intensifies. One effective way to create a calm and cozy sanctuary involves using neutral colors and open spaces to amplify natural light; choosing soft blue, pink and green shades to create a sense of the outdoors; and integrating soft indirect lighting.

Improving Indoor Environment

With concerns about health in the spotlight, homeowners are taking steps to proactively improve their indoor environment to make it healthier. Strategies include bringing in more houseplants to help purify the air, adding air purifiers, changing air filters more frequently, using eco-friendly paints, and using chemical-free household products.

Dedicated Workout Space

Gyms and public parks will always be popular go-to fitness choices, however dedicated space for working out at home will become more important. Making use of any outdoor space or available indoor nooks is going to prove vital for designers.

Remodeling and Repurposing

People are looking for solutions that allow rooms to function in multiple ways, such as a spare bedroom that also serves as a home office, tasking designers with re-imagining existing indoor spaces to increase efficiency and overall comfort.

Backyard Gardens

Producers and sellers of garden seeds have been overwhelmed so far this year as more people began growing their own veggies in backyard gardens, window boxes and container gardens on the patio. The trend is predicted to continue, which is a good thing: Gardening brings positive energy, gets people out in the fresh air, and can serve as a bonding activity for the entire family.

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