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Everything You Need to Relax Outside

Everything You Need to Relax Outside

We all promise ourselves that we’ll spend more time outside during the nice weather, but how often do we follow through? Make it happen this year with these must-have items that’ll turn your outdoor space into your favorite relaxation spot.

Outdoor Curtains

Drapes aren’t just for the inside! Try hanging vibrant weather-resistant curtains on your porch during the warmer months. Easy, stylish and the perfect way to pull your space together, curtains also provide a bit of privacy and protection from the sun. Just use basic tension rods to hang them, and once the cool weather hits, pack them away until next summer.

Comfy Hanging Chair

Stylish and fun, a hanging hammock chair is the perfect addition to your outdoor area. While they are available in many different styles, they’re especially effective for a more eclectic-inspired porch or backyard space. For the ultimate relaxation experience, incorporate patterned pillows.

Snazzy Bar Cart

If you are someone who loves to entertain outdoors during the warmer months, then a bar cart is essential. Keep it stocked with favorite drinks, glasses, napkins and appetizers. If you plan on making your bar cart a year-round feature, be sure to choose one in a durable material that will hold up to the outdoor elements, like rattan, wicker or bamboo.

Weather-Resistant Textiles

For a quick and easy outdoor boost, add weather-resistant textiles to your outdoor space. Don’t shy away from color or pattern. For year-round use, pick blankets and pillows made from weather-resistant materials.

Outdoor Dining Space

Definitely a luxury, having an outdoor dining area to entertain family and friends adds an extra dimension to the outdoors. While a covered patio is ideal, it’s not necessary — you can create dining space on a small balcony or in the backyard. The key is to choose outdoor furniture that fits your space. Keep in mind that wood furniture should be pretreated with a safe varnish.

Garden Stools

For those who enjoy outdoor entertaining for large crowds, consider buying garden stools to use for extra seating. Not only are they portable, so can be moved around easily, they’re budget-friendly and are a simple way to ensure that friends and family are comfortable during your get-togethers.

Plenty of Plants

Summer is a perfect time to experiment and incorporate more greenery into your life — even if you don’t have a green thumb. Try taking a trip to a local nursery or home improvement store and asking the experts for suggestions on suitable plants for your area that are low-maintenance. Tip: Hanging planters are a dual-purpose pick, also providing an added layer of privacy, and succulents always make a good choice.

Mobile Firepit

If cool nights are the norm in your neck of the woods, a portable firepit is a necessity. Simply find a safe area of your yard and surround the firepit with comfy seating. Add throws and pillows to make the space ultra cozy, and gather your friends for some s’mores.

Classic Hammock

A true outdoor classic, a hammock brings a hint of nostalgia and character to your outdoor space. For a modern touch, choose a bold-colored hammock. If your space does not have trees, try hanging it from an exterior overhang instead.

Outdoor Rug

Bringing an outdoor rug into your space is a fast and easy upgrade. The right one can transform your area into a true outdoor living room. Exterior rugs are durable and made of weather-resistant materials, which make them easy to keep clean and maintain. As a matter of fact, most outdoor rugs can be hosed off.

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