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Festive Ways to Welcome House Guests for the Holidays

Festive Ways to Welcome House Guests for the Holidays

When friends and family members head over to your house to share the holidays this season, here are a few special ways to give them a warm welcome.

Holiday Glow

Nothing is more inviting than a fire in the fireplace and a hearth decorated for the season. Your guests will walk into a warm embrace and have a beautiful place to cozy up to all evening. Just know that this festive detail will take a little bit of planning, like making sure your chimney is cleaned and maintained before your guests arrive.

Stylish Stockings

Want to make out-of-town company feel included? Hang a stocking just for them! You can either make your own as part of the gift or purchase one, but a cute stocking filled with thoughtful little presents will go a long way in making them feel special.

Guest Room at the Ready

Having your guest room all set up ahead of time makes a big difference, whether you planned for guests or your party runs late and turns into a sleepover. Not only does it show your guests that you’re prepared and truly happy to have them, it removes the stress and burden of any last minute change of plans. Be sure the room is equipped with clean sheets, fresh towels and thoughtful decorative choices to make their stay warm and pleasant.

Custom Advent Calendar

Fun for guests of all ages (but especially for kids), a homemade advent calendar is a way to add some interactive time to their stay. Simply mark small gift bags to reflect the days your guests are visiting and stuff them with small treats and treasures. Designate a special time to open them, whether in the morning with breakfast or in the evening in front of the fireplace with hot chocolate, and everyone will have something to look forward to each day.

Family Tree

Create a simple tree out of construction paper, card stock, real branches or other materials, and hang it on the wall of your guest room. Then hang family photos from the branches with removable tape. You can switch out and personalize the photo selection depending on who you are entertaining, but the end result is a nostalgic, heartfelt display that will have your guests feeling full of cheer.

Comfy Cozy

No matter what the temperature is outside, everyone’s internal thermometer is a very personal thing. That’s why having extra blankets readily available is a thoughtful way to take care of those who tend to be on the cold side — and they’ll be appreciative. To make it fun, stock up on comfy throw blankets in a variety of patterns and textures.

Food for Thought

Set out snacks and reading material for your guests and rest easy knowing they are not hungry or bored. This is especially helpful when entertaining people from other time zones that aren’t acclimated yet.

Closet Space

Before your house guests arrive, clear out some closet space for them — especially in colder months when they are more likely to have longer pieces to hang. This will save them frustration, and save you from having garments hanging from doors and furniture. Don’t forget to provide a few extra hangers as well. Setting aside space for them in dresser drawers or on bathroom shelves is another good idea to make them feel at home.

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