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Hot Trend Alert: Indoor Garden Rooms

Hot Trend Alert: Indoor Garden Rooms

Gather those houseplants scattered throughout the house and create your own indoor jungle oasis. No worries if you don’t have an extra room to spare — a sunny section of any room will do. Let’s get started!

1. Begin Small — Try Succulents

For those of us lacking the proverbial green thumb, going all-in on a variety of succulents is a perfect way to incorporate plants into our home decor, while also being a great training opportunity. Succulents are easy to care for and keep alive, ensuring success, and also come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors to add that all-important texture and dimension to the room.

2. Go Vertical With Hanging Plants

Great for areas with high ceilings, hanging planters with long, trailing stems work well to emphasize the largeness of a space. Alternatively, hanging plants are excellent choices for tighter rooms with limited floor space. In a dedicated plant room, they help to create a distinctly tropical, jungle-like feel when arranged with other potted plants of various sizes by filling in the top half of the floor-to-ceiling visual.

3. Growing Conditions are Important

Choose and arrange the plants in your garden room according to their specific light requirements so that they are guaranteed to get what they need to thrive. Sun lovers should be placed as close to a window as possible, while plants that are able to tolerate lower light levels can be tucked into less-bright areas throughout the room, like nooks and shelves. Use a mix of plants in just the right spots to take advantage of all available light.

4. Choose Accessories to Enhance

Amp up the garden-like feel of any plant-filled room with carefully chosen accessories like botanical artwork and fabrics. For instance, adding throw pillows featuring a lush leaf motif can effectively play to the foliage in the room, while the use of string lights adds a cozy touch, mimicking and blending in with vining stems.

5. Open Shelves Create a Living Wall

We all know that shelves are great for storage and showing off favorite books and knick-knacks, but did you know they can also be the foundation of a simple living wall? Load them up with potted plants and fill your garden room with even more greenery! Shelves make it easy to swap out new plants, as well as show off your arrangement so that the individuality of each plant is easier to admire.

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