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How a Kitchen Designer Can Keep Your Project Running Smoothly

How a Kitchen Designer Can Keep Your Project Running Smoothly

If you’re looking for a seamless kitchen renovation, hiring a kitchen design professional could be worth the cost. Here’s your guide on how a designer can help.

They Can Find Materials

Whether you’re trying to locate the right materials for your flooring, countertop, cabinets or walls, a kitchen designer is well connected and can find the most appropriate ones for your project. In fact, a good kitchen designer should be an expert in selecting materials and knowing what combinations are most effective. Not only can they identify what materials to use, they also can easily source them through their library of contacts, which is especially helpful if you’re looking for a custom or specialty finish.

They Can Plan a Long-Lasting Kitchen

When investing in a new kitchen, it’s important to design a space that will last you a while. The best way to do this is by taking full advantage of your kitchen designer’s planning skills. An experienced designer knows the design ultimately needs to work aesthetically and functionally, and will walk you through every aspect of the design to make sure nothing is missed when it comes to your needs when using the space.

Kitchen designers can also help determine what types of appliances, countertops, and storage are necessary. They often continue discussions throughout the planning stage, so that the design can grow and evolve naturally. That way, once the plan has been finalized, the client is then fully connected to the design, which means that no changes will be required because everything has been addressed.

They Keep Everything On Schedule

A good designer will ensure the planning and manufacturing stages are coordinated with their client, as well as any applicable lead times. It’s important that time scales are discussed in the beginning so that everyone is on the same page and working together efficiently. Building projects have an order to them, so designers ensure each individual trade — from the plasterer to the tiler to the electrician — knows their dates and the expectation of time needed.

In addition, a lot of designers have their own warehousing so they can make sure the goods are all in stock before they begin. That way the installers aren’t waiting on needed items to arrive.

They Coordinate With Other Professionals

When redesigning your kitchen as part of a larger project, which is often the case, a kitchen designer will work in line with any other professional you’ve hired, such as an architect, builder or interior designer. They often consult with the other professionals before considering the kitchen design so that they understand the overall vision and style and can create a space that is appropriate.

Conversely, kitchen designers keep their own list of trusted subcontractors and have the ability to bring in the right person for any given job.

They Know Where to Scrimp and Where to Splurge

It’s important to always be open and honest with a kitchen designer about money. They can often use their knowledge and tricks to create the style result you’re looking for without the big price tag. They know what details are expensive and what slight changes can save you money.

Good advice includes investing the biggest chunk of your budget on the items that get used the most, like cabinetry and doors. Kitchen cabinets especially need to be rigid and durable since they must support the weight of the countertop for many years.

When it comes to saving money, many designers point to appliances. Since they typically deal only with top-quality appliance brands, the entry-level products are still excellent quality and use the same components as the higher models. The difference is usually based on what features are available. By consulting with their client, designers can help determine which features are necessary and which are not so that the best option can be had for the least amount of money.

Another money-saver? Design a kitchen that reduces the overall number of drawers, as drawers are more expensive than cupboards.

They Can Advise On Energy-Efficient Appliances

Remember that it’s not just the initial outlay of money you need to consider when designing your kitchen — the cost of running the kitchen over time is also important. A kitchen designer is trained by large appliance manufacturers and can advise on the most energy-efficient choices for your budget. They know which appliances are most efficient as well as what specific programs can save you money. For example, did you know that the most cost-efficient cycle settings on dishwashers are often the ones that take longer?

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