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How to Make Your Landscaping Work with Your Exterior Doors

How to Make Your Landscaping Work with Your Exterior Doors

Give visitors approaching your home the right impression by easing the transition from the front door to the street with a high impact entryway and thoughtful landscaping. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Cottage Appeal

If your home has a walkway leading to the front door, consider lining it with enlarged planting beds to bring color to your home’s entrance. For example, a natural stone path flanked by vibrant daylilies, zinnias, and coreopsis all work together to create a warm invitation to the front door.

Stone Accents

For a home with a brick exterior, a stone-framed entry can provide a pleasing contrast. When paired with symmetrically placed lighting fixtures and shaped boxwoods in earthy planters, the effect is charming and romantic. Consider using manufactured stone veneer as a lightweight and less expensive alternative to natural stone.

Go Bold with Color

Bold color on entry doors is a great way to give your home a personal touch. But be sure to consider how your exterior palette will work with your home’s surroundings. If easy-to-please green is your backdrop, bright colors will look beautiful. If your home has a white exterior, bold colors on exterior doors and shutters can give it a playful edge.

Separate from the Street

Use strategic front yard landscaping to create a layer of privacy from passersby while also enhancing your facade. Vibrant plantings supply year-round color while simultaneously acting as subtle layers of separation between your home and the street. Go with the natural contours of your yard to create a landscape that is beautiful and provides the separation you desire.

Consider Your Home’s Style

When landscaping the entryway, give thought to which exterior materials to use based on your home’s style. For example, on a more contemporary home, the gardens would rely on the repetition of plants and design motifs for continuity. Materials would tend to be natural in color and texture, such as gravel, slate and stone. Even the type of mulch used should be considered, as it can also take on a modern look, such as slate or colored stone being used as a ground covering.

Year-Round Curb Appeal

Harness long-lasting curb appeal by using contrasting leaf colors, textures and heights in your landscaping. For homes situated on a hill, using plants that increase in height as they get closer to the house is very effective.

Highlight a Wood Entry Door

If your home features an especially handsome front entry door, such as a custom wood door, consider using it as the foundation for a welcoming entryway. Choose a contrasting trim color to make the door stand out as well as tie it into the exterior’s color scheme.

Jazz Up the Porch

If your front door is hidden inside a wide front porch, consider giving it some personality by adding accessories. Large planters filled with hardy ferns are a great welcome to visitors while also giving a nod to the greens found in the landscape. Paper lanterns hung along the porch are another fun addition that not only catch the eye, but add charm and interest.

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