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Ideas for Partially Finishing Your Basement

Ideas for Partially Finishing Your Basement

Turn your basement into an office, living area, bathroom or laundry area — without a full renovation. Here are some great ideas to get you started!

Create an Industrial-Style Living Room

Always on the lookout for more space in our homes, we’re usually searching for extra storage space or an additional living area — which often can be found in the basement. While it’s definitely a wonderful area to renovate if you are able, there are many ways to enjoy your basement space without a full remodel.

  • Keep the ceiling exposed. When dealing with basement space, there typically isn’t the luxury of high ceilings, so it’s important to get all height you can with an open ceiling. By keeping the ceiling joists open and painting them a bold color like black, you create the illusion of depth and help the ceiling recede. Bonus: Your wiring is exposed and available without having to cut into drywall.

  • Ditch the drywall. Often the least expensive way to freshen or update a room, painting concrete foundation walls and floors in the basement is quick, easy and effective. You can also try using drywall only some areas of a room, which creates boundaries, adds interest and keeps costs down. Corrugated metal is another alternative that adds interest to more traditional walls.

  • Harness the power of white. Much of the time, basements don’t have a lot of natural light. A great way to give the illusion of light, as well as adding ceiling height, is to paint everything white. When a room’s exposed ceilings and walls are all painted a bright white, they blend together and it’s hard to tell where the walls end and the ceiling begins.

  • Create a focal point. When you furnish your basement space, go ahead and make it as cozy as you would an upstairs finished room. An easy way to do this is to furnish around a focal point. Whether a TV, a bar or a piece of artwork, your focal point will be where the furniture, lighting and other furnishings are directed toward.

Outfit a Laundry Room

A basement laundry room has dark and sinister connotations for many of us. It’s the dank, uncomfortable place where you toss the clothes in and pull them out as quick as possible before running back upstairs. With a little thought and effort, it’s possible to convert that unpleasant space to one where you’ll want to spend time.

  • Get creative with paint and decor. Even when left mostly unfinished, a little creativity can transform your laundry into a clean and bright area. Use color to brighten it up and add shelving and furniture to add interest and utility. A throw rug will warm up the floor.

  • Install cabinets. The money you save on finishing the floors, walls and ceiling can often be better spent on cabinets in your basement laundry area. Cabinetry can be used for a variety of things, such as storing linens, dry goods or out-of-season clothing.

Build a Bathroom

A very worthwhile venture, adding a bathroom to your basement is functional and adds a lot of value to your home. But keep in mind that they can be costly if you don’t already have the plumbing and drains roughed in.

  • Just do the basics. Even when mostly unfinished, your basement bathroom can be warm, cute and functional. All you need is a simple mirrored medicine cabinet, sink, toilet, and ample lighting. A water closet (where the toilet is housed in private) works just as well, especially when an adjacent laundry room has a sink.

  • Dress up with shine. Use a vanity cabinet, mirror, lighting and accessories to add some glitz to the space. Mirrors and other shiny accessories can be found at a wide range of price points, so you can easily stick to your budget.

  • Leave it open. Another way to save money is to skip the walls altogether. Instead, designate a section of the basement to be used for an open concept bathroom. The shower can be made out of a tiled curb with a curtain bar, which provides a modern look when privacy is not a concern. The toilet, where you most likely want privacy, can be in a separate walled-off enclosure.


Often hard to come by, workspaces are a perfect purpose for a corner of your basement. It doesn’t take much to create a bright and functional zone out of virtually nothing!

  • Furnish and decorate. Take your raw basement, clean it up with paint, and add tables for ample desk space, and storage options in the form of drawer space, shelving or other creative pieces. Use an area rug to warm up the space and bright task-oriented lighting, such as track lighting, paired with warm table lamps.

  • Make a rug statement. In an all-white workspace, consider anchoring the room with a bold carpet choice, whether color, pattern or shape. Carpet tiles arranged in an interesting shape is a great option for those pinching pennies. They can be purchased by the box and laid out to separate a zone or to add warmth to a bare concrete floor.

  • Create a spot for the kids. A neat little work area in the basement is perfect for organizing all of the toys, books and crafts your kids enjoy. Consider a worktable near a window, if possible, to allow for maximum light. You can decorate with kids art, adding bold pops of color. The ceiling can be left open and painted a reflective light color, same as the walls to make it appear clean and spacious.

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