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Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards of All Sizes

Landscaping Ideas for Front Yards of All Sizes

Even a front yard that is limited in space can be packed with curb appeal. Take a look at these smart ideas for creating charming landscapes and welcoming entries in front yards of all sizes.

Go Multilevel

It’s true — even the most simple of facades can be given a high dose of style. Beef up the basic by adding raised planting beds and interesting features, like a striking porch rail. Piling on layers brings extra dimension and makes things interesting.


For a more cottage-like result, don’t be afraid to go for the proverbial white picket fence to bring character to your yard and garden. Be sure to accompany it with bright floral favorites like pink roses, lady’s mantle and sage catmint for a presentation that will stop people in their tracks.


If your front yard is especially steep, it can be a challenge to landscape. Consider using a one-step-at-a-time approach by creating terraced levels. Each tier can then be treated as a separate bed, making them easier to conquer and climb.

Extended Porch

Not only can an extended porch make the entrance of your home feel especially inviting, it also provides a bit of privacy to the interior. To bring ambiance to the space, try decorating with various potted plants and a selection of outdoor furniture.

Waterfall Feature

Give your yard a Zen-like feel with the soothing sounds and calming effect of a rock-lined waterfall. Use bright annuals and perennials to surround the water feature and help create a rich, mountainous look.

Half Walls

Building stone half walls is a great way to add height to a landscape or break up a long blank wall. Be sure to choose stone that complements the color and lines of your home.

Remember the Lighting

Light up your entry with fixtures that coordinate with your home’s style. Choose a lamp color that enhances your home’s exterior. For instance, consider colored fixtures that will stand out and bring a little something extra to a basic neutral home, or try choosing a color that echoes surrounding foliage.

Arched Bridge

For a low-maintenance yard in an area prone to drought, a dry bed is a great option. Incorporate a little footbridge for an added touch of whimsy or to give the kids a special play spot.

Switch It Up

To create visual interest on a steep incline, try staggering stair directions and building landings between each set of stairs. For example, instead of one set of stairs going directly up the slope, build a set of steps that lead to a perpendicular landing and another set of stairs, then another landing, and so on. Surround the hard materials of the steps with soft foliage and ornaments grasses.

Peaceful Lily Pond

Welcome a new eco-system into your yard with a small lily pond. It’s beautiful, soothing, and if you add fish and other pond-dwelling creatures, is a great way to teach kids about nature.

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