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Maximalist Design Tips for Any Space

Maximalist Design Tips for Any Space

Maximalism is on the rise in interior design, which means bold is back! Whether you’re one who embraces boldness or needs a little nudge to bring color to your space, these tips are sure to get you started.

Unexpected Glamour

It’s no secret that using wallpaper and mixing patterns are among the simplest ways to add some pop to any room. Wallpaper presents a great opportunity for impact. Along with walls, consider using it in unconventional places, like on the ceiling or the back of a bookcase.

Another great element to use that isn’t as well-known are tiles. Colored tiles, especially in art deco styles, are trending this year.

Layered Look

Another easy way to add maximalist touches to a space is by layering art and photography. Don’t hold back — let the shapes and colors come together organically to create something spectacular.

Or, consider bringing color and texture together by adding layers to your dining table. Start with a fabulous tablecloth, then add placemats, pretty linens and fresh-cut flowers.

Don’t forget lampshades! Although they are often overlooked, lampshades are a perfect way to incorporate another pattern or trimming into a room.

Avoid Going Overboard

Over accessorizing with maximalism is easy to do, so beware and try not to go overboard. To avoid a cluttered look, try starting small with items like books, pillows and plants. Then add a special object to top off a stack of books or to place on a table. If you find that there are still a bunch of leftover accessories, consider showing them off in a bookcase where they’ll be presented collectively.

Trial and Error

Maximalist designs are so appealing to people because of their abundance of patterns and colors. The difficulty is choosing which ones will look good together within your design. That’s why it’s probably best to try out accessories before making them permanent. After all, pretty much everything can be returned nowadays. Just make sure to ask about return policies before purchasing anything.

To test accessories, set them up in your space and take pictures of the room in different lighting (or various times of the day) to see if they work. Don’t shy away from mixing and layering!

Gallery Walls

Looking to incorporate various colors and prints into a hallway, stairwell or powder room? Gallery walls are a fun way to do it. For an especially vivid result, consider using art with frames in bright colors like crimson or deep green.

Small Space Splendor

If you’re a fan of bold but don’t want it all the time, try limiting your maximalist designs to smaller spaces like hallways, entry foyers or powder rooms. People don’t generally spend much time in these spaces, so they make great spots to experiment with really bold patterns and colors, as opposed to your bedroom or dining room where a calm design style might be preferable.

Bold on Bold

When going maximalist, don’t fear mixing bold prints — even on the same accessory. For example, throw pillows in one pattern with trim in another are quite complimentary, as are throw blankets with multi-colored fringe.

Start With Color

Those who are uncertain about where to begin when it comes to maximalist design should consider choosing one color that they love. Once you’ve pinned that down, start adding in different tones and patterns from the same color family. Remember, when a room has a tonal color scheme, the main color ends up acting like a neutral but still has the ability to keep the room lively.

Incorporate Books

Using books in your room design is an easy way to incorporate multiple colors, texture and dimension. Simply stack books on a side table or full-size bookshelf and let them speak for themself. You can choose to display books of a single color for more impact or use a random sampling to pick up on colors throughout the room. Either way, the books will help bring cohesiveness to the room.

Personal Touch

While maximalist design may look complicated and overwhelming, what matters most is having fun with it. Be sure to embrace your own style and run with it. Don’t forget, design is actually a form of self-expression. You want to love your home and be proud of how it looks. Never force something just because it’s popular.

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