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Simple Design Tips for a Happier Home

Simple Design Tips for a Happier Home

Because of the powerful connection between design and human emotion, just a few small positive changes to your everyday spaces can bring joy and positive energy into your home. Here are a few simple design tips:

Pops of Color

Liven up a neutral space with a splash of color! Cheerful wallpaper, throw pillows, accent rugs or even kitchen appliances can make a bold statement and bring life to a dull room. Use seasonal hues, like ice blue or bright purple, or add more sophisticated color, like navy or wine. Pastels can be used to add calmness, and brightens without overwhelming a room.

Round out the Edges

Experts say circles and spheres set a playful tone, while sharp shapes tend to activate a part of the brain associated with anxiety. While hard-angled furniture may look good, it can also put your mind on alert. The solution? Oval coffee tables and sofas with soft, rounded corners.

Bring the Outdoors In

Try Incorporating colorful blooms and greenery for a lift — even in the bathroom and kitchen. Also, natural materials, such as wood and stone, are linked to reduced stress and improved mental health.

Eye-catching Lights

While the visual appeal of pendant lighting is a benefit in itself, adding pendant lights and crown molding to a space also draws the eyes upward, naturally evoking better posture. Good posture is known as a mood booster, and gives you energy and confidence.

Create Balance

One of the keys to a happy and peaceful home is symmetry. Naturally pleasing, balance has a harmonious effect on us and can boost our sense of joy and comfort. To achieve symmetry, find a room’s focal point as you walk in and make that the center point as you mirror each side with furniture, artwork and accessories.

Group Ordinary Objects

Much like balance creatures harmony in a home, grouping like objects (books, trinkets, etc.) brings joy and has a positive effect on a space. Grouping ordinary objects and arranging them in an orderly way makes them feel like they are more than the sum of their parts.

Incorporate Patterns

Simple living and reducing clutter are big these days, but streamlining doesn’t mean your rooms have to look barren. Once you’ve reduced and tidied, try incorporating patterns, such as stripes and polka dots, into the room — timeless over trendy. They liveliness and fun they bring will create a positive vibe that is undeniable!

Matchy-Matchy is Okay

Tap into the gestalt principle of similarity by color-coordinating or going “matchy-matchy” with your room design. Go ahead, use those matching hangers, pushpins, fridge magnets or desk organizers! This can create a pleasing sense of cohesion. But be sure to stick to a simple color palette for a confident and visually appealing look.

Hidden Surprises

Try adding some subtle changes to your home that aren’t readily seen, such as painting the inside of a closet in a statement color, enhancing drawers with colorful liners or putting up a bold print wallpaper in a small bathroom. These small, hidden delights will brighten your day for sure!

Lighten Up

Forget the trendy jewel tones and go for lighter pastels or creamy white when choosing paint colors for a space — hues that will reflect natural light well. Also consider incorporating shiny surfaces like glass tiles or mirrors into the design, items that bounce light, to increase exposure to the mood-boosting effects of natural light.

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