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Simple Habits for a Clean House

Simple Habits for Keeping a Clean House

Everyone has that one friend whose house is always immaculate, no matter when you show up or what they have going on. You know they don’t have a housekeeper, so how do they do it? We have the answers!

Keep High-Touch Surfaces Germ Free

Wet wipes are your best friend! They make disinfecting easy, so keep a container handy and use them at least once a week on light switches, remote controls, drawer pulls, banisters and doorknobs.

Clean Your Kitchen Counters Before Bed

It’s an empowering feeling waking up to a clean kitchen in the morning. It can impact your entire day! So load that dishwasher, wash out that sink and make sure your countertops get a wipe down every night before bedtime.

Organize Your Mail

Make it a goal to spend a minute or less with that mountain of mail every day. Separate everything you don’t need right away and dispose of it — even those random catalogs you didn’t subscribe to and don’t have time for, but feel guilty about throwing away. Then when you have some extra time, see if you can have your name removed from those mailing lists and explore your options regarding digital organization to reduce your paper trail.

Invest in the Laundry Process

Two words: laundry chute. If it’s at all possible, invest in one. If not, consider finding a laundry basket that you adore — the more you love it, the more it encourages you to use it. Also, get yourself on some sort of consistent laundry schedule or routine so that you’re not stuck for an entire day washing and folding everything in the house all at the same time. Washing a load or two a day or a couple times a week reduces the burden and keeps the house tidy.

Add Making the Bed to Your Morning Routine

Simple but effective! Roll out of bed and get those blankets and pillows tidied. Your room will always be presentable and you’ll have an immediate accomplishment to give you a boost on the day.

Make Clean-Up as Easy as Possible

If you live in a two-story home, you know the constant struggle of upstairs items being left downstairs and downstairs items being left upstairs. They key is to adopt an easy and efficient system for returning those items to their rightful place.

Consider placing a basket at the foot of the stairs where items that need to go upstairs can be gathered. Then actually follow through and take them upstairs on one of your many trips up and down during the day. Do the same for bringing items downstairs.

Commit to an Orderly Linen Closet

If your pantry and linen closet aren’t orderly, you have an instant roadblock to putting sheets, towels and groceries away properly. Take some time to organize the closet and you’ll be encouraging the tidiness you desire.

Have a Clean Refrigerator

Is this even possible, you ask? We totally get it, and believe it or not it can be done — one shelf at a time. Every time you go grocery shopping, take a moment beforehand to shift items off the top shelf and wipe it down. The next grocery run, do the next shelf, and so on. Within a few weeks you’ll be washing out the lowest crisper bins and your entire fridge will be clean — without the big production of emptying your entire refrigerator.

Own a Good Vacuum, and a Broom You Love

When you commit to cleaning, the tools you use should be efficient and work well for you. Most of the best vacuums come with extra attachments to help remove fur from upholstery and help you reach those hard to access places, making cleaning satisfying.

Similarly, an efficient broom or dry mop makes it much easier to keep dirt at bay. A quick daily sweep of the floors will make a huge difference in the cleanliness of your home, so get what you need to encourage that behavior.

Clean Throughout the Year / Keep Messes Small

Make “spring cleaning” a thing of the past. Cleaning your home doesn’t need to be a seasonal thing. Instead, create your own monthly or quarterly routine to purge those unwanted items and keep your excess to a minimum. Experiment with finding an ongoing method that works for you, such as keeping bins for donations, hand-me-downs and recycling in convenient spots so that purging is made simple.

Using the same logic on a smaller scale, when working on large projects or other messy endeavors, try cleaning as you go so that you’re not stuck with a huge discouraging mess at the end.

Make Pet Grooming a Priority

Whether it’s a daily brushing or adopting a routine trip for them to the day spa, it’s much easier to keep your home clean when your pets are clean. Just try it and see how much less fur and dirt there is to clean up from furniture and floors!

Take Off Your Shoes

This might be a hard one to enforce at first, but it’s well worth it. Not only will the amount of dirt trekked into your home be reduced, so will the clean up time spent maintaining those floors of yours.

Remember to Clean the Ceiling and the Walls

Microfiber cloth, meet Mr. Broom. By far the easiest way to clean cobwebs from ceilings, around light fixtures, and the upper corners of any room is by attaching a microfiber cloth to the end of a broom. Use a rubber band to secure it and with the extended reach of the broom, you can get the whole house de-webbed in minutes!

While you’re at it, give your walls a good wipe down every once in a while. You’d be surprised at how much dust accumulates on walls over time.

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