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Simple Ways to Add a Touch of Yellow to Your Kitchen

Simple Ways to Add a Touch of Yellow to Your Kitchen

Many homeowners are looking to have a “sunny and bright” kitchen. While yellow will do just that, incorporating the vibrant color isn’t always easy — too little and it’s ineffective, too much and it’s overwhelming. Here are a few ways to get it just right.

Kitchen Island

Quick and easy, giving your kitchen island a bold coat of yellow is a great way to brighten up your kitchen. If you’re unsure what shade to choose, consider pulling from other elements in the room, like wallpaper, tiles, drapes or other accessories. The bold color on the island will balance out when it’s picked up elsewhere in the space.

Also, when planning your color palette, don’t be afraid to pair neutrals with a more vibrant accent color. Having a neutral base allows you to explore bolder hues in smaller doses.

Wall Cabinet

Recent trends show kitchen accent colors are moving beyond the island and onto pantry doors and wall cabinets. Applying a rich yellow to wall cabinets is a great way to draw the eye up the wall. Just be sure to choose a selection of cabinets for the bold hue, rather than all of them, so that you don’t overwhelm the eye. Also, by keeping the remaining cabinets neutral — think white or wood-toned — you’ll effectively break up the color and create a customized look.

Shelf Niche

Although not for everyone, open shelves are another option for injecting a joyful dose of yellow. Simply highlight the wall behind the shelves with an appropriate accent color. Saffron yellow, a gorgeous blend of yellow and orange, makes a nice choice. Not only will your putting a spotlight on this area draw attention, it will make whatever is stored on the shelves stand out.

To keep your open shelves somewhat tidy, consider displaying only kitchen items that are used often so they don’t gather dust. Also important is a suitable venting hood to prevent grease from building up.

Architectural Element

Posts, beams, doors and other architectural elements are prime candidates for a vivid color treatment, and are especially effective in an all-white or neutral kitchen. For instance, if your kitchen features a beam running through it, consider having fun with it by making it into a playful color feature rather than covering it up or camouflaging it.

Accent Wall

If making an entire wall yellow makes you nervous, consider running your countertop material or a backsplash material up behind the sink area and then painting the remaining wall above it your chosen accent color. That way, it’s less imposing and can be repainted if you grow tired of it.

For a distinct springtime feel, explore mid-to-soft yellow-green hues. They tend to capture the clean, fresh and hopeful vibe of spring perfectly.


A lot of homeowners forget that the ceiling presents an excellent opportunity to get creative. By expanding your color palette and choosing a golden yellow for the ceiling, you’ll give your kitchen a cozy and warm glow reminiscent of relaxed summer evenings.

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