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Small Garden Ideas That Bring a Full Harvest of Style

Small Garden Ideas That Bring a Full Harvest of Style

If you’re dealing with very limited space for gardening, you actually have more options than ever before. Read on for some small garden ideas — suitable for any size space — that will yield bountiful style.

Living Wall Art

Fill your tiny patio with overflowing blooms by harnessing the power of a fabric wall planter. Available in a wide range of sizes, these pretty planters can be found at your local nursery or hardware store. They can be hung on any vertical surface and in any size space.

Bathroom Companion

Because fiddle-leaf fig plants originate from the tropical climate of Africa, they are right at home in a moist, sun-filled bathroom. Shoehorn one into the corner of your little water closet and shower as often as you’d like — they thrive on the humidity. Who knows? Your daily shower concerts might actually help them grow as well.

Woodland Wonders

This idea benefits even the most cramped terraces and patios. Simply secure a selection of tiny, pint-sized plants to visually interesting wood slices and add them to your wall for a touch of personality. Just remember to water them a few times during the week.

Intensive Gardening

Make what little garden space you have work double-duty through intensive planting, where one flower bed is used for several different plant types. For example, planting vegetable seeds around tulips combines edibles with ornamental plants, thereby saving space and sending your garden’s efficiency score sky high.

Jungle Cart

Clear off your bar cart and give it a new purpose in life by turning it into a bounty of botanicals. Not only will this mini-jungle on wheels add a ton of personality to any room, it is easily movable so your plants can benefit from the best source of sunlight throughout the day.

Plant Curtains

You can forgo basic drapes when you decide to use plants for curtains. Simply perch potted plants on the window sill and floor, and hang them from curtain rods to create a window covering that is lush and all natural.

More and More

For small patio spaces lacking a view of any sort, consider combining many different planters and types of foliage to create your own gorgeous lush escape. For example, combine a terrarium, potted plants and climbing vines for a vibrant and easy-to-care-for display that’s sure to give your guests plenty to look at.

Window View

Do you lack outdoor space completely? No problem! Put your windows to good use by filling them with sun-loving potted plants like succulents, ferns, cactuses and more. Use pots of a similar color for a more cohesive look. If you are unable to accommodate shelves in the window, try installing tension rods to hang your potted pretties instead.

Revved Up Railings

By taking advantage of vertical space, you can have it all — a pretty garden and a luxurious outdoor entertaining space. Simply put your railings to work by attaching flower boxes filled with gorgeous foliage. With your flowers moved to the periphery, you free up the rest of your small porch space for furniture and other entertaining necessities.

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