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Small-Space Playroom Design Ideas for Kids

Small-Space Playroom Design Ideas for Kids

If you don’t have extra space in your home to devote to a dedicated playroom, you definitely need to see these fun ideas for incorporating a play area to your child’s bedroom, a home office and more!

Biz Kid

Make the most of a shared home office space by setting up a work desk for your creative little ones! Don’t forget to include a play phone, filing system and other office supplies.

Toy Corner

Whether nestled in the corner of a finished basement, a home office or another shared room, dedicate a corner to function as play space. Use tall bookcase cubbies for game and toy storage and an area rug for boundaries and visual interest. If there is room, try adding bean chairs, a table or other colorful elements to make the space more kid-friendly.

Kitchen Play Area

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, try converting a small space into a play area so that the kids are within sight at all times. Since kitchens are more friendly to clean up, as opposed to carpeted areas, consider making it art-based with an easel, markers, paints and crayons, or set up a mini-kitchen so they can cook too!

Teepee/Tent Fun

Dedicate space to your little ones by putting up a teepee or tent where they can play. Self-contained, the structure can house stuffed animals and other toys without taking over an entire room. Plus, being in a tent is fun!

Rolling Play Cart

Put an old rolling kitchen cart to use as a toy DIY workbench. Fill it with toy tools and other fun construction-related items. The best part? Since it’s on wheels, it can be rolled from room to room.

Loft Bed

In bedrooms hurting for floor space, consider adding a loft bed. That way the floor space opened up underneath the bed is available as a dedicated play area.

Sunroom Respite

When the warm weather is upon us, it’s nice to have a space for the kids to play that isn’t inside, yet gives them a break when they are all tired out from playing outside. Try a dedicated space in a sunroom or covered porch where they have a table and chairs to rest and play or enjoy a refreshment.

Entertainment Hallway

Turn an obscure nook or upstairs landing into a comfy play area. Mount a flat screen TV and shelves on the wall for movies and games; add a small table and some compact seating; and finish it off with a plush area rug to provide coziness when coloring, reading or playing board games.

Chalkboard Door

Either mount a chalkboard or use chalkboard paint on one side of a closet or bedroom door for hours of creative fun for kids of all ages.

Playhouse Under the Stairs

Sometimes there is a small, awkward space under a staircase that we just don’t know what to do with. How about turning it into a compact playhouse? Depending on the space, incorporate as many fun features as you are able.

Magnet Art Wall

Turn a wall into an ever-revolving art gallery for your children’s artwork with magnetic paint. Fun and cheerful, your kids will love that the art can be hung and swapped out with ease.

On the Stage

Transform an empty corner into a curtained stage for your budding performer! Add a microphone, dress-up area and audience seating and they’re all set for production.

Update a Garden Shed

Spend a lot of time working in the yard? Turn a dingy garden shed into a bright, fun playhouse for the kids. You can get as elaborate as you want, with windows, curtains and even electricity, but a basic table and chairs and space for toys, crafts and games is a great start.

Endless Art

Pair a simple work table with a mounted paper roll where the paper pulls out onto the table and you’ve made a perfect place for your budding Picasso to create. Hang a TV and they can sit and draw while they enjoy a show.

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