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Small Updates That Make a BIG Statement

Small Updates That Make a BIG Statement

If you’re looking for change, but don’t want to make a huge commitment or take on a full redesign, here are 10 small-scale updates that pack a punch. In most cases, it’s as simple as applying a coat of paint!

Ceiling Moulding

Forget dedicating an entire accent wall, give your walls a lift by focusing on the small element of space around your moulding. Whether you paint the moulding itself or choose a section of the wall above or below the moulding for a splash of color, this update will add playfulness and pizzazz to any interior.

Window Frames

The perfect spot for a quick lift, window frames require only a small paint brush and a little patience. You can go for a complete overhaul, painting the frames from top to bottom, or choose to highlight a portion of the frame. Either way, the added touches will make your windows pop!

Door Frames

While painted doors can make a huge statement, door frames are equally as important when it comes to small upgrades. The simple act of darkening the door frames in bright, airy rooms creates definition and adds depth. From the thinnest of frames to thick industrial-style front doors, injecting some contrast will do wonders for a space otherwise painted the same color.


Baseboards are the ideal spot to inject bold color choices! Whether you go matchy-matchy with your window frames or you prefer they stand out completely on their own, this simple update takes minimal effort but provides an amazing outcome. Bonus: You don’t need a ladder!


Yes, your exterior door color may already be perfect, but let’s not forget that doors have two sides! Create your dream entryway by going bold with your interior door and introducing some vibrant color. And you’ll be right on trend — 2019 is all about being fearless when it comes to using color.


Often overlooked when it comes to interior design, staircases are a great spot to add something extra — and the options are endless! From painting the whole staircase in a monochromatic fashion to wallpapering or painting certain segments, when contrasted against a basic wall, the steps are sure to pop and make that entryway or hallway come to life.


With open shelving all the rage right now, one way to make it even better is by painting the shelves so that they stand out more against the wall. Try using a different shade, even if it isn’t much darker, to add the perfect amount of contrast and drama.

Cabinet Interiors

Whether you’re refurbishing that flea market find or updating an old piece that needs some TLC, the easiest way to make any cabinetry come back to life is by adding a bold, patterned wallpaper or fresh coat of paint to its interior. The contrast? Second to none. Plus, it’s simple, budget-friendly and totally on trend.

Exposed Beams

Does your home have quirky architectural features? If so, they are perfect for creating interesting focal points, even if they’re small in size. Exposed beams, built-in cabinets and nooks are all an opportunity to get creative! For example, consider adding matte black for a chic farmhouse vibe, or vibrant neons to contrast an ultra modern space.

Industrial Pipes

Paint can help turn those often annoying industrial elements in your home into fun statement details. Instead of trying to minimize them and make them blend, try painting those exposed pipes or radiators a bright color to make them pop. This small accent update will make any interior, from living spaces to personal spaces, feel unique and fresh.

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